Heroes of the channel

Heroes of the channel

Willam Harris from IT&T Marketing People came like a bat out of hell to answer last week's mystery channel personality. Indeed, it was Adrian Macleod, CEO of Internet, database and portal company

Those of you who vaguely recognised the picture could have been confused by his threads. Macleod is rarely (if ever) seen in a suit, hence Tabloid's decision to heritage list the photo as rare and sought after channel memorabilia. Harris will receive the customary ARNnet mug and mobile phone chair for his efforts.

Don't forget, you too can grace your desk with the hippest channel gear on offer - simply stare into the eyes of this week's mystery man (left) and e-mail us his identity, and don't forget to include your contact details so we can send you your prize. Please note answers of Roger Ramjet need not be submitted.

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