Tarong covers its assets with Mincom

Tarong covers its assets with Mincom

Mincom and its integration subsidiary Tequinox have secured contracts with a Queensland power utility worth in excess of $8.3 million. Tequinox was the first to secure a tender with Tarong Energy to provide outsourcing for the power company's IT infrastructure over the next three years at a cost of around $4 million.

Mincom followed suit, winning a second tender to supply and install Ellipse, the software developer's asset management applications package. Ellipse will provide Tarong Energy with an integrated suite of materials management, asset and workflow management, financials, payroll and human resource management applications at a cost of $4.3 million, a statement released by Mincom said.

Improved efficiency for running Tarong Energy's dual power stations was the driving factor behind the migration from increasingly obsolete core applications, claimed Tarong's chief executive officer, Alan du Mee.

"This allows Mincom to offer integration to customer information systems, outage and switching management, software control and data acquisition, geographic information systems, mobile computing, systems integration and business process improvement," said Allen Vaughn, Mincom global vice president of utilities.

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