Xenon aims new launch at grown ups

Xenon aims new launch at grown ups

As Christmas approaches, Melbourne-based manufacturer Xenon has moulded a state-of-the-art multimedia PC aimed at hard-core gamers.

Xenon marketing manager Vita Calabrese said the Neon 860 Multimedia PC has been specifically designed for grown ups who haven't grown out of gaming.

"It is a very powerful machine with all the extras required for serious gamers, and a built-in P4 to provide high-grade processing power," Calabrese said.

Xenon describes the Neon 860 Multimedia PC as a "beast of a workstation", providing users with the processing power of Intel's Pentium 4 processor at 1.4Hz, an Intel 400 FSB 850 Chipset, and 128MB PC800 Dual RDRAM. The manufacturers haven't skimped on the storage or graphics, offering a 40GB HDD, 32MB GeForce MX DDR 4X AGP Graphics and 17-inch ViewSonic colour monitor.

Tantalising all the senses, Xenon has also equipped the system with a SoundBlaster Live! Value Sound Card and Cambridge SoundWorks FPS1000 Gaming System.

End users searching for the extreme option can scale up the offering by ramping up the processing power with an Intel Pentium 4 processor 1.5GHz, expanding the vista with a 19-inch ViewSonic colour monitor, and tacking on 64MB GeForce MX DDR 4X AGP Graphics and a Cambridge SoundWorks DT 5.1 speaker system.

However, the Neon 860 comes with a price tag which sets it out of reach of the youth market, retailing at about $4995.

"This is not a workstation," Calabrese said. "This is a system designed for serious hard-core fun."

Xenon also runs lines of scalable desktop PCs, visual workstations for graphic designers and CADcam specialists, as well as servers and local and wide area networks for the corporate sector.

"The Neon 860 is available to all our resellers, and to anyone else who is interested in selling our products," Calabrese said. "Resellers who want to stock the product for Christmas should contact us. We are ready to ship throughout Australia."

Xenon: (03) 9763 2777

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