Genie seeks growth in garden of Eden

Genie seeks growth in garden of Eden

Software developer Genie Systems has added Eden Technology to its team of distributors in an effort to tap into its government and corporate customer base.

Eden's nest of defence force, educational, government and engineering clients is a potential goldmine for Genie's online supply-chain management solution.

Eden, a division of the US-based SMI International as of last year, took on the Genie product based on the application's success in Toy R Us and General Electric in the US.

According to Jenny Long, marketing and communications executive for Eden, the company is aggressively pursuing a piece of the online space. It has added a Web development arm to provide Web design and hosting, and is Web enabling many of its existing packages such as the asset management planning system (ASMP).

Eden is also taking on a number of Web-based applications including the iLaunch digital office and the Easy Help customer support application.

"We see this as a big growth area," said Long. "A lot of our clients are asking for Web-enabled solutions."

Peter Roberts, managing director of Eden Technology, believes there are few supply-chain management products already in the global market that are as easily deployed, have exceptional integration tools and capabilities, and are as low cost as Genie's OrderWare.

"It's the perfect application for companies with a lot of widgets [products and parts] to move around," said Robyn Brook, business development manager for Genie Systems.

"To succeed in today's cut-throat world, businesses need solutions that help them easily manage and automate their day-to-day commerce between buyers and suppliers in the supply chain," she adds.

"This includes the ability to integrate customers, products, suppliers, business partners and marketplaces. It means being able to automate purchasing across an organisation, and automating the process of data aggregation from multiple vendors and sources such as catalogue and content management. OrderWare is able to achieve full automation and integration of the supply-chain process, reducing the deployment time and, ultimately, the cost of each transaction."

While Brooks declined to specify the margins available to resellers on the OrderWare product, she said the implementation is viewed as a "project" with ample opportunities for value-add.

"It's an enterprise-based application so resellers have the chance to bundle system integration, business analysis, project management and training for the end user," she said. "These service opportunities are ongoing and allow [the reseller] to maintain a relationship with the customer. That way we both win."

Eden joins the ranks of Unisys and SoftGen which also distribute OrderWare in Australia.

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