Sun boosts clustering software

Sun boosts clustering software

Sun Microsystems is expected this week to release server clustering software that observers say is worthy of Sun's proven UltraSparc hardware and Solaris operating system.

SunCluster 3.0, plus new management software, should bring Sun's clustering technology up to speed with that of competitors such as Compaq and Santa Cruz Operation, says Brad Day, an analyst with Giga Information Group.

SunCluster 3.0 features include a global file-sharing system, hooks to take advantage of key cluster-aware applications including Oracle Parallel Server, support for as many as eight nodes per cluster and faster failure detection. Sun declined to specify how fast the software can detect failures, although Day says failures can be detected in less than 10 seconds and failovers can be done in less than a minute.

Sun's clustering software also now lets companies assign application jobs to certain parts of a cluster, freeing up other processing resources within the cluster for other jobs. Sources say the product will also include a feature that gives remote users quicker access to data through a single file-sharing system.

Sun's new cluster management software will let companies monitor multiple nodes within a cluster from a single console. Previously, they had to be managed separately.

The console can be used to trigger the replication of new system images, file system changes and upgrades across a cluster.

Sun has not yet disclosed pricing for SunCluster 3.0 or its new management

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