All I want for Christmas is . . .

All I want for Christmas is . . .

What makes a good Christmas party? A cheesy corporate knick-knack? A nice restaurant? Sexy PR consultants? The public relations snowball that is Christmas is upon us, and journalists are already starting to spend every weeknight on the free drinks, sometimes having to choose between several in one night. So what is it that really impresses a person still hungover from the night(s) before? Tabloid decided to put it to a panel of ARN, Computerworld and Industry Standard journos.

"A harbour view, seafood and free spirits - I will be there every time."

- Tootsie Cary

"I just love invitations to a ‘secret' location. It's so good not knowing where you're going and when you'll be released. It's a journo's fantasy to be held captive at the whim of a gang of PR flacks. NOT!"

- Gypsy Cooper

"A good restaurant. The old maxim of feeding journalists really does hold true. I have a mental list of all the restaurants and if I so much as glimpse any of those on an invite, I at least look at it. Also reputation - nothing guarantees a positive response better than recommendations from fellow journalists . . ."

- Freddo Oyama

"Hail to the company/PR agency that invites us to pack Christmas hampers for the Salvos or go on a shopping spree for impoverished kids. We are already too spoilt at Christmas - we should share some of this around."

- Snowball Fairlight

"What's impressed me lately are Xmas dos on the water: seaplanes, jetboats, yachts. Perfect for this time of year. Pre-party trinkets are OK, but not on-site, particularly if they're childish or tacky! Wouldn't mind if they mentioned which publications have been invited too, for nosiness' sake! Also, a lot of them have been sending invitations saying they've lined up ‘surprise' events. Some of us find this off-putting because we don't know if it's going to be something good or a fizzer. Oh, and it's common sense if they arrange transport if the event's a little isolated, as in, in the sticks or out @ sea, or if we're going to struggle to pick ourselves up off the floor."

- Lucy Roosevelt

"Entertainment and restaurants hold the top spots - Tetsuya always warrants a ‘yes', as does Marcia Hines and Leonardo's Bride. And bring on the miniature Chrissy trees - mine has taken up residence in my lounge room, complete with baubles and tinsel."

- Billie Barnett

"I think Macromedia has taken the cake this year - transporting journos to their party via seaplane, jetboat or limousine. As for silly gifts - I'm a little upset I didn't get a little Christmas tree from Toshiba. I mean who the #@*^$ do they think they are sending every other #^&%ing journalist to a fancy ^%$#ing restaurant and not inviting me??!!!"

- Bluey Royal

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