City Software to climb ladder with SAP

City Software to climb ladder with SAP


City Software's Business Solutions division has joined the SAP reseller ranks. The new partnership will see the dealer's integration arm selling and implementing the SAP SMB Business One product as well as providing front- and back-end support.

Business Solutions general manager, Rick Milinksi, said the professional services house had previously tailored ERP solutions to companies with revenue of up to $60 million a year.

The latest deal would allow it to go for organisations three times that size, he said.

"Once you knock on the door with SAP you can get into organisations that are up to $200 million in revenue much more easily," Milinski said.

Business Solutions currently provided service to about 20 sites through Sydney and Melbourne, including services to its parent company, City Software, he said.

The SAP deal should see the company accrue a minimum of 12 additional customers over the next year adding up to at least $2 million in sales.

Milinksi said Business Solutions would continue to target customers that fit within its traditional key verticals - manufacturing and distribution. In anticipation of customer growth, Business Solutions appointed several new staff members, Milinski said.

The team was training with SAP. Eight implementation staff were expected to be fully qualified by Christmas.

Alongside the reseller agreement, Business Solutions would also port its proprietary software modules to SAP, company founder, John Fiebel, said. These included add-ons such as a purchasing optimiser for daily stock pricing, and Web tools.

It would allow the company to push its add-on technologies to the software giant's global reseller base, opening up a new market for the group, he said.

Although the company would be making a concerted effort to build up its SAP-based business, Milinksi said the group would also continue to sell accounting products from Australian-based software vendor, Jiwa.

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