EDITORIAL: Talkin' bout e-volution

EDITORIAL: Talkin' bout e-volution


Talking revolution is in vogue again. Surely you've noticed -- there are burning bras on the opposite page and generational upheavals above on this page.

I guess the only revolution missing is the one formerly known as the information superhighway. You know what I'm talking about - that proposal for a high-speed communications system that Al Gore "invented" after it became a social, political and economic phenomenon in the global age. The Internet revolution.

Now the Internet revolution is better known as the e-volution -- much to the amusement of Charles Darwin, who must be marvelling at the unexpected rebirth of his theory in cyberspace. But except for the "seen-it-too-many-times" emphasis on "e", the e-volution is a nifty little concept.

First, because it tells you that we've finally evolved from techno ignorami to techno sapiens, and it all happened at the speed of Moore. So, we've grown twice as wired at half the cost every 18 months. And second, because it also tells you that we haven't really learnt much despite dot-, I- and e-volving for over a decade.

So, fellow techno sapiens, meet the new channel! No longer the kingdom of volume sellers and integrators, but a playground for as many channel dwellers as you can fit in an X. The great unknown of the Internet-centric future. The quagmire and the dream of the fiercely independent Channel X-er at the very heart of the e-volution.

Wanna calculate the value of X? Catch the ride with us, because this is what Channel X is really all about., Editor, Channel X

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