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GeoSystems seeks "innovative" value add resellers for GPS TrimTrac Pro at CeBIT 2007.

  • 29 April, 2007 23:01

<p>PRESS RELEASE: Sydney Monday April 30:</p>
<p>• The Trimble TrimTracPro locator is a compact, easily hidden, light-weight vehicle or asset monitoring device that requires little, if any, installation when used in its battery powered configuration. Motion-based reporting minimizes power consumption and recurring communication costs. The new TrimTrac Pro features full quad band GSM (SMS and GPRS), a highly sensitive GPS engine and motion or event driven activation.
• Available to the mass market for the first time under $500, the black box Trimble TrimTracPro Vehicle Locator is to be released in Australia at this year’s annual CeBIT Technology Exhibition.</p>
<p>WHAT: Trimble TrimTrac Pro Vehicle Locator.
WHERE: CeBIT Technology Exhibition, Darling Harbour.
WHEN: Tuesday May 1 to Thursday May 3.
Contacts: Terry Quinn 0439 710 418; Lawrence Lewis 1800 727 307 Web:</p>
<p>The low cost GPS Vehicle Tracker – a battery operated black box the size of two cigarette packs, adapts state of the art “Eye in the Sky” satellite technology to enable fleet owners and trucking companies to use covert “real time” computer tracking of their drivers unauthorized use of company vehicles, speeding, diversion from direct routes and “time theft” by private use.</p>
<p>And at just under $500 the mass market Trimble TrimTrac vehicle locator is, for the first time, well within the budget range of most parents who can use the device to keep a watchful eye on teenage children when they borrow the family car. The device reports excessive speeding and via “GeoFencing” parameters previously set – can tell at a click of a mouse if the car is not where it is supposed to be.</p>
<p>NOTE: Trimble is a world leading GPS technology company and holds more than 700 patents in the sector. GPS or Global Positioning System technology uses more than 24 satellites circulating the planet to triangulate a vehicles exact position. Originally used exclusively by the US Department of Defence, the technology was extended to civilian use in the 1980s and currently costs an estimated $750 million a year to maintain. The new TrimTrac Pro features full quad band GSM (SMS and GPRS), a highly sensitive GPS engine and motion or event driven activation via web-interface.</p>
<p>Sophisticated GPS tracking devices have been available for several years and there are many competing products on the market, but because of the high cost of the technology, their use has been mainly limited to luxury cars, boats and heavy machinery worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. At just under $500 rrp, the Trimble TrimTrac Pro is far cheaper than any similar quality device on the market in Australia.</p>
<p>Key Features:
• Portable, AA Battery-Powered
• No External Wires or Antennas Needed
• Low or No Installation Costs
• No Custom Programming Required
• Ready-to-Use Water-Resistant Housing
• Quad-band GSM/SMS/GPRS
• Enhanced GPS</p>
<p>Hardware Options:
• Remote GPS Antenna
• Plug-in Modules for:
Input Monitoring
Output Control
External 9-32 VDC Power
• Metal Bracket
• Quick-release Plastic Bracket</p>
<p>Key Capabilities:
• Intelligent Motion-based Reporting
• Runtime Meters
• On-board Geo-fencing
• Scheduled Hours of Operation
• Start/Stop Reporting
• Speed Monitoring
• Exception Alert Reporting
• Over-the-Air Programability</p>
<p>Sample Target Applications:
• Unpowered Asset Monitoring
• Loss Prevention and Security
• Untethered Trailer Tracking
• Vehicle Track and Trace
• Equipment Management
• Fixed Asset Monitoring
• Fleet management</p>
<p>Additional points
For the Value Added Reseller, the TrimTrac will form the basis for a tracking and asset management system. GeoSystems Ltd of New Zealand is able to offer customized white label solutions that are built around specific customer needs or alternatively Value Added resellers can build their own solutions. These solutions can be as simple as monitoring the position of an asset to managing a fleet of vehicles, monitoring position, speed, stop/start, hours of operation, scheduled position reporting and more. With the added security of GeoFencing the TrimTrac provides businesses with a low cost investment to protect their vehicles and assets. The TrimTrac can give position reports as often as every 30 seconds. The TrimTrac 1.5 can use SMS or GPRS communications for low cost reporting.</p>
<p>For more information contact:</p>

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