Multimedia Technology jumps aboard Shuttle

Multimedia Technology jumps aboard Shuttle

Taiwanese SFF vendor, Shuttle, has appointed Multimedia Technology (MMT) to provide extra firepower for its XPC.

The distributor will join Sato Technology and recent addition, Altech Computers, which was appointed in mid-September. All three are now charged with aggressively taking the barebones system into the enthusiast, mainstream and corporate PC markets.

For MMT, the deal is of particular significance as the company had until now been known as a peripherals specialist, according to its purchasing manager, David Wilson.

"We have never done motherboards, RAM, processors or PC cases and we have never wanted to do a full PC product," he said. "There are enough people doing that sort of thing already and we have never had the will to go and fight in the whitebox market."

With optimism for the new range high, MMT would hold onto its traditional reseller base rather than look to build a new PC-system focused network, according to Wilson.

"It's not a box I see a lot of smaller retail stores doing but certainly the corporate and gamer market is where we feel they will have quite a presence," he said.

"Home entertainment is a potential market but I think it's a bit early to label it that way yet."

Competition from Sato and Altech would be beneficial, according to Wilson, as the distributor mix would help the new product reach all levels of the market.

"There's been talk for 10 years about SFF PCs and different models have come and gone," Wilson said.

"But these XPCs seem to have the right combination of design, a little bit of upgradeability and the right features."

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