Channel publisher reaps rich rewards with fabulous awards

Channel publisher reaps rich rewards with fabulous awards


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Channel publisher reaps rich rewards with fabulous awardsSYDNEY - Australian Reseller News, St Leonards' premiere channel publication, has taken out two prestigious awards in a matter of weeks.

Australian Reseller News won the Australian Business Publishers' Bell Award for "Best Product Information Series of the Year" and also had some of its brilliant advertising staff nominated for their impressive business skills over the course of the year.

"I don't believe it," said a PR consultant writing as though he was ARN editor in chief Mark Jones. "To win another award for our features is fantastic - another feather in the ARN cap. I think this means we are officially really, really good."

ARN then backed up, much less sensationally, with yet another victory at the 9th annual IT Journalists Trivia Night, run by Recognition Public Relations. The editorial team was in sparkling form, knowing everything from Frank Sinatra's middle name to the vendor barred from Harvey Norman (but hey, editor Gerard Norsa broke that story anyway, remember?). ARN won by a long shot and reclaimed the title stripped from them by last year. Perhaps the only detraction from the evening was the blatant lack of worthwhile competition in the room. As one member of the successful team was overheard to remark: "Some of these other IT journos are so pig ignorant they probably don't even know the S in Ulysses S. Grant stands for Simpson."

"I think what we have is a scalable, robust team of journalists, with an end-to-end solution for providing the channel with best-of-breed information," said a PR consultant writing as though he was editor-in-chief Mark Jones. "I think if you look at our competitors, you'll think, ‘man, they are not very good looking. I know I do'."

ARN would like to sincerely thank Australian Business Publishers, Recognition PR, our boss Susan Searle and everyone over at IDG, our mums and dads, Jesus, and of course our loyal readers: this ones for you! Good on us!

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