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Hotspot Global Consortium Wins Queensland Government Wi-Fi Contract

  • 08 September, 2003 16:54

<p>The world’s first Wi-Fi clearing house, Hotspot Global, has been awarded a contract by the Queensland Government to implement a trial of Wi-Fi services in the state.</p>
<p>Brisbane, Australia – 8 September, 2003 - Around twenty high profile locations in South-East Queensland will be equipped with world leading Wi-Fi technology as part of a 12 month Wi-Fi trial by the State Government to evaluate the market and gauge the impact of mobile Internet on businesses in the ‘Smart State’.</p>
<p>Locations include a number of railway stations in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, major sporting venues including Suncorp Stadium and The Gabba Cricket Ground, the Queensland Law Courts complex, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centres, and building lobbies in and around Brisbane.</p>
<p>“People will be able to use wireless-enabled laptops and mobile devices to access the Internet, check emails, download files and access Queensland Government information services at any of these Hotspots,” Mr Lucas said.</p>
<p>Access to the Queensland Government Gateway will be free, whilst other activities such as checking email and surfing the net will cost around 20 cents per minute.</p>
<p>“This trial is all about putting the technology in people’s hands and letting them see the enormous potential for business and personal communications in the Smart State,” Mr Lucas said. “The trial has the potential to expand to thousands of Hotspots across the state.”</p>
<p>“It’s also about making smarter use of government assets to achieve better outcomes for Queenslanders and helping the Smart State power ahead in the information age. What’s great about this initiative is that it’s using government assets, such as government buildings, to deliver better services to the community at nominal cost.”</p>
<p>In winning the contract Hotspot Global brought together a consortium of local and national businesses, including IntraPower, Sirocco, i-Tel and SnapGear, to provide a service which promotes cooperation within the telecommunications industry and improves service delivery for communities. The consortium is receiving support from Intel.
According to David Bolt, General Manager Australia for Intel, a key part of Wi-Fi's growth potential hinges on the willingness of governments to promote the technology and allow it to proliferate with minimal restrictions and regulation.</p>
<p>“Intel is pleased to be working with the Queensland Government and Hotspot Global to increase the awareness and availability of wireless computing in Queensland. This initiative is among the most visionary projects being undertaken by any Government around the world and should help to deliver low-cost, high-bandwidth, Government services and information to people throughout the state”, he said.
A key requirement for the State Governments trial was the provision of a ‘single’ infrastructure that could be utilised by many Wireless Internet Service Providers to offer public services.</p>
<p>“Our model is unique because it fulfils upon the two biggest customer needs in Wi-Fi roaming; a single bill and a consistent user experience”, said Mike Whitehouse, CEO of Hotspot Global.</p>
<p>“By enabling the providers of the technology and supporting the entire ecosystem, without competing against our members, we’ve achieved what some said would take another two years to complete.”</p>
<p>Hotspot Global’s model has become an important standard within State Government allowing services to be available at more locations within the state and avoid the duplication of services as was experienced when mobile telephones became available.</p>
<p>The rollout of Hotspots is expected to be completed in October 2003 and will be supported by a range of industry and community events to raise awareness and introduce the new service to the community.</p>
<p>About Hotspot Global</p>
<p>Hotspot Global is the world’s first clearinghouse for wireless Internet networks. It enables the creation of a global network that lets mobile Internet users connect at any Hotspot Global location. No matter who provides the hotspot at that location the user will experience the same look and feel, and exceptional level of service.</p>
<p>The proliferation of Wi-Fi hotspot networks worldwide, provided by Wireless Infrastructure Providers, ISPs and telephony operators, have created the necessity for a global clearing house capability to support roaming across these disparate networks, thereby allowing the industry to achieve critical mass.</p>
<p>Hotspot Global does not operate wireless Internet hotspots and nor does it have its own subscriber base. Its role is to “Enable Seamless Global Roaming for Mobile Internet Users across any Hotspot Global Member Network”. Hotpot Global’s clearinghouse model means that members do not have to engage in, and manage, a multitude of bilateral agreements with other service providers.</p>
<p>The company’s web site is located at</p>
<p>For further information please contact
Kurt Nasarenko, Director of Strategic Alliances – Hotspot Global
+61 7 3032 3032 (Australia)</p>
<p>Alison Smith,
Queensland Department of Information, Innovation Economy
+61 7 3235 4550 / 0407 166 084 (Australia)</p>

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