What's new from: Optima, Via, Artec, Pioneer, Aten

What's new from: Optima, Via, Artec, Pioneer, Aten

Optima WorkPro K8

Optima Technology Solutions has released a 64-bit PC that delivers performance for current 32-bit applications and support for future 64-bit applications. Based on AMD Athlon 64 Processor architecture, Optima's WorkPro K8 Series PC allows home and business customers to buy 64-bit platforms that support today's 32-bit applications while future proofing their investments, the company said. The AMD64 technology was designed to provide performance for applications requiring multi-processor scalability, larger addressable memory, video/audio/3D processing, or high computational accuracy, the company said. The WorkPro K8 combines several features to ensure PC functionality and productivity, making it ideal for government, education and retail customers. HyperTransport technology increases the overall performance of the system by minimising information bottlenecks and increasing bandwidth, while an integrated DDR memory controller delivers improved application performance and a 50 per cent reduction in memory latency. AMD64 Enhanced Virus Protection works in conjunction with Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 to protect the WorkPro K8 against viruses and worms. Enhanced Virus Protection sets portions of system memory aside as 'data only' meaning that any code resident in these areas cannot be executed. The Optima PC also features AMD's Cool 'n' Quiet technology, which lowers the overall noise, heat and power consumption of the unit. It is distributed to resellers direct by Optima. RRP: $1399


Via's EPIA N mainboard provides a visual experience for smart digital media and mobile entertainment devices. The N-Series Nano-ITX mainboard combines the Via Eden-N processor and Via CN400 digital media chipset. The Chromotion CE Video Display Engine in the Via CN400's UniChrome Pro IGP graphics core provides support for intelligent video rendering techniques and MPEG-4/2 digital video playback on all display types from CRT and LCD screens to standard definition TVs and HDTVs. The Via EPIA N features a robust shared memory architecture and support for up to 1GB of DDR400/333/266 memory with the FastStream64 memory controller, and a high speed Ultra V-Link interface for a 1GB/s connection to Via's South Bridge options. Incorporating the Via Eden-N processor's PadLock Security Suite, the Via EPIA N-Series Nano-ITX mainboard provides high-quality entropy from two PadLock Random Number Generators (RNGs) and AES encryption rates through the PadLock Advanced Cryptography Engine (ACE). The Via Eden-N processor employs PowerSaver 3.0 power management technology to help extend battery life for mobile devices based on the Via EPIA N-Series Nano-ITX mainboard. Through the onboard Via VT8237 South Bridge, the Via EPIA N offers a range of integrated storage, multimedia and connectivity options, including Serial ATA, UltraDMA IDE, USB 2.0, onboard LAN and V-RAID, with support for multiple RAID configurations. The board also includes support for Via Vinyl Six-TRAC 6-channel audio through 3 audio jacks in the I/O panel. The Via EPIA N-Series offers support for a growing number of LVDS embedded LCD panels and has a Mini-PCI slot for expandability. The product is distributed in Australia by BCN Technology. RRP: The EPIA-N5000 costs $395

Artec T1

Artec's T1 Digital TV Box is a portable, finely designed digital TV solution that enhances the digital functionality of either a laptop computer or multimedia PC. By plugging the T1 into the USB port of the laptop you can watch Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting (DVB-T). The T1 supports real-time and scheduled recording, still frame capture, OSD, channel auto-scan and also features a remote control. A high strength miniature Digital Terrestrial TV antenna is included. Additional specifications: Microsoft Windows XP/2000 Desktop or Notebook, 800MHz CPU or above, 128M RAM or above, VGA Card with at the least 8MB Memory Sound Card, Microsoft Direct X 9.0 or above. The solution also features Digital Terrestrial TV Antenna, Tuner Input Terminal, COFDM and FEC, DVB-T Compliant, De-Multiplexing Engine, and A/V Format Video format: MPEG-II Main Profile and Main Level, and Audio format: MPEG-II Audio layer I and II. The product is distributed in Australia by BCN Technology. RRP: $239.95

Pioneer Digital Media Centre

Pioneer Computers Australia has launched an all-in-one digital media centre, a set-top PC with Intel Celeron/Pentium 4 processor. The solution features a Dream Vision 27-inch/30-inch LCD monitor/TV, a SD/HD digital TV, gaming console, 5.1 surround sound, Internet browser, DVD/MP4 video player, MP3/CD music player, HDD/DVD recorder, and Microsoft Windows Media Centre. The product is distributed in Australia by Pioneer. RRP: $3499

Aten KVM-1200L

Aten has released a 15-inch KVM console that features an LCD display, 88-key keyboard and touchpad in an integrated 1U rack, mountable slideaway housing. It occupies 90 per cent less space than a standard keyboard, monitor and mouse. The solution improves cabinet ergonomics by placing KVM switches and KVM console in one location at the rack. It also offers sleep mode when the slideaway cover is closed. The product is compatible with Aten KVM switches. Digicor is the exclusive distributor of the product in Australia. Digicor's target markets include system integrators, ISPs, education, wholesales, retail outlets and other value added resellers. RRP: $1250

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