Turbolinux joins ODSL

Turbolinux joins ODSL

Linux vendor, Turbolinux, is the latest company to join the non-profit Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) to help grow the development and adoption of Linux use in business computing.

With an announcement last week, Tokyo-based Turbolinux joined a growing list of new members and personnel brought on board by the group.

The OSDL is a global consortium of technology companies, including Cisco Systems, Computer Associates, IBM, Red Hat and SuSE.

Turbolinux is one of the most widely used Linux distributions in Asia and one of the four partner companies in the UnitedLinux consortium, which created a standardised enterprise-ready Linux distribution.

"With Turbolinux joining OSDL, we have assembled almost all the world's leading Linux distributions serving every geographic market," CEO of the OSDL, Stuart Cohen, said. "Their technical expertise in Asian language support, enterprise focus and local market experiences are important additions to the Lab's membership and we look forward to their contributions to our Linux initiatives in Japan and Asia."

In July, global consumer products maker, Unilever Group, which earlier this year announced it would move all of its IT systems to Linux during the next decade, became the first non-IT vendor to join the OSDL.

In June, the OSDL hired Linus Torvalds, who invented Linux, as its first-ever OSDL fellow.

Also in July, the OSDL hired Andrew Morton, who was selected by Torvalds in January to maintain the upcoming Linux 2.6 kernel.

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