What's new from: Network Associates, Sybari, Trend Micro, Sophos, Messagecare, Tel.Net Media, MailGuard, SurfControl, Symantec

What's new from: Network Associates, Sybari, Trend Micro, Sophos, Messagecare, Tel.Net Media, MailGuard, SurfControl, Symantec

Network Associates

McAfee SpamKiller is Network Associates’ latest anti-spam combat tool for the consumer/small business market. SpamKiller blocks email using both lists and automatically updated preset filters. It also gives users the option of creating custom filters. SpamKiller quarantines spam outside the inbox, and the user is able to monitor and filter multiple MSN/Hotmail, POP3 and MAPI email accounts. SpamKiller supports Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP platforms. The system requires a POP3, MAPI, or MSN/Hotmail email account and 5MB of free hard drive space. McAfee SpamKiller is distributed by Tech Pacific, LAN Systems and Ingram Micro. RRP: $42.95.


The Sybari Spam Manager is an enterprise class, high performance, anti-spam and content-filtering component designed specifically to assist administrators in reducing the impact of spam messages and unsolicited mail traffic on their networks. Designed for use with Sybari’s Antigen for Exchange or SMTP, the Sybari Spam Manager delivers sophisticated message scanning for Microsoft Exchange and SMTP Gateway servers. Administrators can define customised security policies to detect, block, purge or tag messages containing inappropriate or threatening content, and quarantine messages for review and delivery. Spam Manager runs on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Antigen 7.5 for Exchange or Antigen 7.5 for SMTP. Sybari Spam Manager is distributed by Sybari Software. RRP: $500 (25-user licence).

Trend Micro

Trend Micro Spam Prevention Service is a high-performance, anti-spam application that blocks spam at the Internet gateway. It employs patent-pending, heuristic technology, that evaluates, identifies and monitors existing and new messages using multiple characteristics, providing highly accurate spam capture rates with low false positives. Designed to integrate seamlessly with antivirus and content security solutions, Trend Micro Spam Prevention Service helps prevent mixed spam threats to minimise employee productivity losses and network resource strains. The Trend Micro Spam Prevention Service supports Sun Solaris, Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms. RRP: Starts from $42 per user per year (50 users).


Sophos MailMonitor for Exchange 2003 provides protection from email-aware worms, viruses and Trojan horses. MailMonitor scans for viruses in all incoming emails, enabling network administrators to either disinfect, delete or quarantine infected messages. Sophos MailMonitor for Exchange can be used to block Windows program attachments, often contained within SPAM messages, and can be kept constantly up-to-date using Sophos’s automatic updating tool, Enterprise Manager. MailMonitor supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 and Exchange 2003 platforms. It is distributed by Sophos. RRP: $39.20 per user (50-99 users); $31.50 per user (100-199 users).


SpamTrap is an Australian spam filtering service from the founders of OzEmail. The server-side spam filtering solution can be used with any standard ISP account and any operating system. Using a global network of spam traps, proprietary collection techniques and fuzzy logic algorithms, SpamTrap rejects and quarantines spam before it reaches an end user’s mailbox. There is both a retail and wholesale solution for SpamTrap. Retail users can trial SpamTrap for 30 days free and then purchase a 12-month subscription for $33. Companies can resell SpamTrap through a partly or fully managed filtering solution. No financial or operational investment is required by resellers.

Tel.Net Media

Anti-Spam Sheriff, brought to you by the Australian based company Tel.Net Media, is designed to provide your organisation with a robust, complete server-based solution for your anti-spam needs — from a central, easy to manage, interface. Created as an SMTP proxy gateway, the Anti-Spam Sheriff utilises Tel.Net Media’s patented Real Time Dynamic Modelling (RTDM) for low incidences of false positives while maintaining control over your unsolicited email concerns. The Sheriff is a drop-in, set-and-forget anti-spam solution. It operates at the network level using the SMTP protocol compatible with all modern email gateways, and is fully self-contained and self-updating. There is no reliance on third-party products and it requires zero training to begin recognising spam straight away. Methods of combat include quarantine, tagging, and bounce-to-sender. Anti-Spam Sheriff is designed to run on Solaris (Sparc & x86), Red Hat, Mandrake, Free/OpenBSD and MAC OSX. For a free 30-day trial, contact RRP: $3450 for 25 users $500 per 25 users after that. Tel.Net Media: (07) 3003 1811.


MailGuard is a 100 per cent Australian-owned and operated company focusing solely on protecting businesses from spam, viruses and unwanted emails. MailGuard’s cost-effective solution eliminates viruses and unwanted mail at the Internet before they enter a company’s network removing the need to purchase hardware, install software or waste time managing a server. MailGuard enables small-to-medium sized businesses (SMEs) to have the same email management and protection as larger organisations without the capital expense, ongoing running costs and technical expertise required to facilitate and manage server based products. MailGuard provides resellers and service providers with ongoing service revenue. RRP: $199 (set up) plus $2.95-$5.50 per email user, per month.


SurfControl E-mail Filter has the ability to utilise different techniques to get an accurate picture of what your email content risks are. Whether it’s explicit images, discriminatory text, spam, viruses, company sensitive information or just plain time wasting, SurfControl gives you the tools that show your particular email threats and allow you to implement simple rules to minimise their impact on your network and your business. LexiMatch’s advanced Boolean logic assigns weightings to words and any sexually explicit images in SPAM messages are arrested through the Virtual Learning Agent, which employs Adaptive Reasoning Technology. SurfControl E-Mail Filter stops company email servers being used as a source of SPAM, confirms the sender’s domain matches the IP address in the header and allows compilation of prohibited senders’ lists. SurfControl E-mail Filter is compatible with mail servers including Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes Domino, Netscape Mail Server, Sendmail and others. RRP: About $36 per user (500 users).


Symantec offers protection from viruses, hackers and privacy threats in one fully integrated suite — Norton Internet Security 2003. Norton Internet Security 2003 includes: Norton Spam Alert, which helps detect and filter unwanted email; Norton AntiVirus, which removes infections automatically and protects both email and instant messages; and Norton Personal Firewall, which is designed to hide your PC from hackers, block online intrusions automatically and safeguard confidential information. Automatic downloads keep Norton Internet Security up to date against new security threats. Symantec’s Norton Internet Security 2003 is distributed by Tech Pacific and Express Pacific. RRP: $149.95. Norton Internet Security users can upgrade for $99.95.

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