Easy Language

Easy Language is a world-class learning package that covers the globe. Learn at your own pace using Easy Language's proven interactive teaching techniques. For each language, over 2200 key words and 350 useful phrases are categorised into friendly, educational formats - that's a total of 59,000 words and 9450 phrases for you to explore. The technique of "see it, hear it, say it" ensures success. Use voiceprint comparison and international character sets to enhance your learning experience. You can even reinforce learning with games, links and multimedia.

Platform: Windows 95

Price: $99.95 RRP

Vendor: ISMI Australia

Distributor: DataFlow Computer Services

Tel (02) 9417 9700 Fax 1800 227 460



PlexWriter is a professional read-and-write CD recorder. It writes disks at 4x and reads up to 12x with 190ms access time. It supports synchronous data transfer, utilises fast SCSI burst rates and sports a 2MB buffer. The PlexWriter has a one-year full warranty. This high-performance CD recorder has remarkable accuracy and reliability, and the customer receives two drives in one - for the price of one.

Platform: PC & Mac, Win 95

Price: internal PC is $999 RRP; external is priced from $1099 RRP; Mac model is $1399 RRPVendor: Plextor CorporationDistributor: BBF Corporation & Peripherals Tel (03) 9761 4299 Fax (03) 9761 4001HARDWAREGuardian FirewallGuardian is a multifunction solution for network security, productivity and connectivity. This effective firewall system implements advanced security technologies to protect your private network. It provides a powerful Internet control and management tool to monitor and control Internet activities in real time. Finally, Guardian provides connectivity features that offer significant savings on Internet connection costs to be used on Windows NT. It is available from 10-user to unlimited-user licences. Optional features include Network address translation and Authentication Clients.

Platform: Windows NT

Price: 10-user licence is $2562.68 RRP; unlimited-user licence is $4923.08 RRPVendor: NetGuardDistributor: East Coast SoftwareTel (03) 9821 4848 Fax (03) 9821 4994HARDWAREMaxSwitchMaxSwitch is a modular Ethernet switching hub that can be configured in any combination to a maximum of four modules in each cabinet. These can be selected from a range of nine Ethernet switching modules. All ports are switchable and when each module is installed in the Maxswitch cabinet, it becomes integrated into the MaxSwitch backplane providing integration of different topologies such as 10BaseT, 100BaseTX, 100BaseFX, and ISDN.

Platform: PC, Mac, Unix, NT, Novell and any Ethernet networkPrice: MaxSwitch Basic Cabinet is $353; 8 Port 10BaseT is $456; 2 Port 10/100BaseTX is $497; 8 Port 10/100BaseTX is $2150; 2 Port 100BaseFX(ST/SC) is $1105; 1 Port 10/100BaseTX + 1 Port 100BaseFX(ST/SC) is $825. All prices are RRPVendor: Lantech ComputerDistributor: CCA Pacific Tel (02) 9899 3631 Fax (02) 9634 1964SOFTWAREMultiPro Plus PC-to-TV digital converterThe MultiPro Plus provides ultra high-quality image resolution and flexible functionality at an affordable price. You can display PC images on a TV at resolutions up to 1024 x 768. It is a light, compact and easily portable external VGA-to-TV digital scan converter. It has applications for business, education/training or home. You can send images to your video monitor, TV or VCR.

Platform: all

Price: from $569 RRP

Vendor: Aitech

Distributor: Vision beyond 2020

Tel (03) 9776 1186 Fax (03) 9776 1388


Session Wall 3 version 2.1

This firewall software combines much-needed scanning, blocking, detection, response, logging, altering and reporting capabilities into a single integrated package. It includes a content-scanning engine, an intrusion- detection engine, a comprehensive URL site control list, a virus detector, a content viewer and extensive reporting capabilities.

Platform: Win 95 & NT

Price: 125 Concurrent Sessions licence costs $2912 RRP; an unlimited licence costs $28,865 RRPVendor: AbirnetDistributor: East Coast SoftwareTel (03) 9821 4848 Fax (03) 9821 4994

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