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Smart Handheld Device Market Concludes 2004 with an Explosive Finale, Finds IDC

  • 14 March, 2005 11:04

<p>NORTH SYDNEY, March 14th, 2005 – The final quarter of 2004 saw the Australian pen-based and converged device markets post robust quarter-on-quarter growth, with the former achieving 28.8% and the latter with 42.7% growth from 3Q 2004. Converged devices accounted for 68.6% share of the total Australian smart handheld devices market, with voice-centric devices accruing 89.0% growth from the previous quarter.</p>
<p>"The pronounced growth in the smart handheld device market was largely driven by the surge in consumer spending over Christmas, which vendors capitalised on through promotional activities such as free give-aways, redemption coupons and bundling, as well as the introduction of key price points in the quarter. The launch of several new models especially in the converged market also contributed to the strong quarter," stated IDC Analyst, Mercie Clement.</p>
<p>"IDC expects the Australian smart handheld device market to continue flourishing in 2005, with strong growth expected in the converged device market, as vendors continue to look for ways to improve and expand their current product portfolios. However, it will be important for vendors to become more strategic in the way they position their offerings, as the market becomes increasingly competitive, giving rise to a more segment-specific approach to the market," added Ms Clement.</p>
<p>From an operating system perspective, Symbian continued its success as leader, with 44.2% share of the total market. Microsoft came in at second place with 36.1% share 4Q 2004. The third position went to Palm who finished with 10.6% share of the total market.</p>
<p>There were a few notable changes to the vendor rankings in the total smart handheld device market in 4Q 2004. Nokia climbed up to the number one position to become the market leader with 30.7% share, while HP achieved the number two position with 17.4% share. PalmOne finished the quarter with 10.6% share, to gain the number three position. Rounding out the top 5 were O2 and Motorola with 8.9% and 8.4% share respectively.</p>
<p>Top five vendors (total market):</p>
<p>Nokia 30.7%,
HP 17.4%,
PalmOne 10.6%,
O2 8.9%,
Motorola 8.4%,
Others 24.0%,
Total 100%</p>
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