iPrimus expands wireless broadband front

iPrimus expands wireless broadband front


Primus has announced a new partnership with wireless broadband wholesale operator, Xone, which will see the ISP extend its Wi-Fi service to an additional 39 hotspots in Australia.

The telco already boasts 67 iPrimus wireless broadband hotspot sites in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and south-east Queensland through its relationship with wireless hotspot provider Azure.

The new deal with Xone will give iPrimus wireless broadband customers access to additional hotspots in Australia, 25 of which are located in Sydney.

Internationally, Primus Telecommunications also offers its customers access to Wi-Fi services in 17 countries in conjunction with virtual network operator iPass which now maintains 1500 hotspots worldwide, all of which can be used by iPrimus wireless customers.

Although Wi-Fi technology (802.11b) can deliver up to 11Mbps access speeds, Primus Telecom general manager, Campbell Sallabank, said iPrimus hotspots would be restricted to the speed offered by the actual fixed connection point.

In most cases, iPrimus Wi-Fi hotspots were connected to a symmetrical DSL connection, allowing users symmetrical download and upload speeds of between 2 and 3Mbps, he said.

Some hotspots, however, were connected via ADSL, meaning users would be restricted to maximum upload speeds of 256Kbps and download speeds of 1.5Mbps.

Casual users wanting to use either Xone or Azure-based iPrimus Wi-Fi hotspots would be charged $12.50/hour to access the service, while iPrimus customers could access wireless services for just under $10/hour.

Fee structures for accessing the Internet via Wi-Fi services in iPass locations internationally would vary, depending on the geographical region, Sallabank said.

iPrimus hotspots will be identifiable via the company’s logo.

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