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New Computer Case that Busts the Dust!

  • 22 July, 2003 14:09

<p>"I am not sure if you wanted the press release written as it will appear in a magazine, so just gave you the run down on how it works, what it does etc. incase you wanted to re-write it.</p>
<p>if you need more information that can't be obtained from the web site, please don't hesitate to mail me</p>
<p>thank you in advance</p>
<p>A new computer case has been developed on the south coast of Queensland, aiming to reduce the amount of dust and harmful salt spray from the ocean that attacks your computer on a daily basis.</p>
<p>The Computer Case aptly named, is a custome made perspex case, that allows your computer to sit inside it for protection. Any computer can have one, they are built to the specific size of the tower be it a mini, midi or even a full tower. It is fully sealed around the edges and the top. The front door has a thin layer of silicon on the edge, so when you close the front door, it also becomes air tight.</p>
<p>There are 2 fans situated on the top of the box. The fan at the back is turned in such a way as to blow air into the case, aiding in circulation of cool air. The fan at the front is turned and used as an extraction fan, removing any stale or dead air that has possibly past through the computer itself. The fan on the back has a small filter removable filter over it. The filter has a mesh inside that traps all the dust as the fan sucks in the air. It is easily removed for cleaning, and easily refitted. The fans run of an adaptor that plugs straight into your wall socket, with a switch on the top enabling you to turn them on and off. The fans push air through the case at approximately 80cfm (cubic feet per minute) or 120 cfpm. This depends on the processor used, as recent reports show that the pent 4 runs at a higher temp, it would be more beneficial to run the higher fans.</p>
<p>At the back of the case, 4 velcroe strips hold a 5mm thick piece of neoprene (wetsuit material) onto the plastic itself. The neoprene has small slits cut out so you can pass the chords for your computer through them easily. After they have been passed through, the neoprene closes itself back down over the chord, decreasing the amount of air that can pass through into the back where the most damage is done on your computer.</p>
<p>The case is easily assembled. When you receive it al you do is unscrew the lid, put your computer inside, the reattach the lid. The removable back enables you to easily put your chords back into your computer before re-velcroing the back on.</p>
<p>all the information you need regarding the computer case, and how to order can be found here.</p>
<p>the way we see it, you can purchase a computer case now, and dramatically decrease the amount of dust and sea spray that affects your computers performance, or you can purchase a new computer 8-9 months down the track.</p>

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