What's new from: NetComm, D-Link, Netgear

What's new from: NetComm, D-Link, Netgear


The NB1300 is a USB/Ethernet ADSL modem router that now ships with new firmware updates ensuring that set-up tasks are handled automatically and intuitively by NetComm’s ‘easy-config’ feature that provides pre-configured profiles of Australian ISPs. The NB1300 allows users to surf the Web at up to 100 times faster than standard 56kbs dial-up connections. It also acts as a fully featured routing device, employing NAT/PAT (network/port address translation), enabling the ADSL account to be shared with other computers on a network. NB1300 has one Ethernet port and now features “connection status”, “time-server selection” and “half-bridge mode” in addition to the existing benefits of DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), port forwarding, diagnostics, static IP and bridging. The NB1300 is fully ACA (A-Tick) and Telstra (IP1149) approved and is currently available through Tech Pacific, Ingram, BBK, IT Wholesale and TodayTech. RRP: $181 (ex. GST).


The D-Link DSL-504 ADSL modem router with four-port switches comes with 18MB of integrated SDRAM for routing tables and MAC address translation. Ports on the unit include one standard RJ-11 port for an ADSL connection and four RJ-45 10/100 Ethernet ports that make sharing the ADSL connection simple. The DSL-504’s integrated four-port switch allows up to four computers to be connected directly to the unit or an external switch can be up linked to increase the number of machines that can be connected to it. Bandwidth can be shared with any computer connected to the DSL-504 through the use of its built-in four-port 10/100 Ethernet/Fast Ethernet NWay Auto Negotiating Switch. The router has an integrated Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) server and uses Network Address Translation (NAT) to allow all computers that are on the private network to share a single public IP address. The DSL-504 requires no extra software to be installed on the client machines. The device is currently available in Australia through Tech Pacific, Synnex, LAN 1, BBF, Pacific Datacom, Page Data, BJE Enterprises. RRP: $449.95 (inc. GST).


Netgear’s DG814 DSL Modem Internet Gateway features four 10/100 Mbps LAN ports and an integrated four-port DSL modem for shared high-speed Web access. Users can set Web page content filtering and time-of-day usage limits and choose to receive regular email notifications and real-time alerts on browsing activities. The DG814 features a NAT (Network Address Translation) firewall with VPN (Virtual Private Network) pass-through that protects against Internet attacks, while auto-partitioning on each port protects each computer from damaged network connections. An animated Installation Assistant, Web browser-based settings, and on-screen helps guide users through each step of installation. The DG814 is A-Tick approved. It is currently available through TecVic Distribution, BMS Technology, Tecksel, Tech Pacific, Express Data and J Mills Distribution. RRP: $399.

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