PC Briefs: Intel, HP, Eizo and LG

PC Briefs: Intel, HP, Eizo and LG

Pentium 4 speeds up

The Pentium 4 processor is now the fastest chip in Intel’s production line with clock speeds bumped up to 3.2GHz. The new processor has an 800MHz front-side bus and support for hyperthreading, two features that have been rolled out to most Pentium 4 chips over the past few months. The 3.2GHz Pentium 4 processor will most likely carry the performance lead for Intel until the launch of Prescott, scheduled to be its first 90-nanometer processor, later this year. The new Pentium 4 processor costs $US637 in quantities of 1000 units.

PDAs for new Windows OS

HP has announced a range of new handheld devices including new iPaq models featuring integrated Bluetooth wireless technology and SDIO (secure digital I/O) expansion slots. New features include the use of Bluetooth, SDIO, and transflective displays across all of the new models. All new models come with printing software that allows users to print documents on Bluetooth or infrared printers. The new high-end h5550 iPaq, at $US649, adds an integrated 802.11b wireless chip, a total of 48MB of flash memory and 128MB of SDRAM, as well as a biometric fingerprint reader for extra security. The new models were expected to be available from next week.

Crisp LCDs offer big picture

Monitor vendors Eizo Nanao Technologies and LG Electronics both showed off jumbo LCDs at the recent American CeBIT. Both monitors are priced around $US3000 and are expected to appear in mid-July, but each is targeted at very different users. Eizo Nanao’s 21-inch ColorEdge CG21 and its 18-inch sibling, the CG18, are the first LCD monitors the company recommends for graphics professionals, who need the precise color quality historically offered only by CRT displays. LG’s 23-inch wide-aspect Flatron L2320A, which includes tower speakers, is more likely destined for the living rooms of well-healed audio-visual enthusiasts.

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