Software Briefs: IE, Aussie Telecom, Office 2003

Software Briefs: IE, Aussie Telecom, Office 2003

No more IE for Mac

Microsoft will stop developing versions of its Internet Explorer (IE) browser software for Macintosh computers because, it says, Apple’s Safari is now all that users need. The software giant will no longer independently develop IE but it will be available as part of its Windows operating system (OS). Its development of IE for Apple was driven by a five-year agreement that has now lapsed. The decision will cause concern for Mac users who use IE to access sites that are not accessible using other browsers. Many site developers develop purely for IE as it is the dominant browser worldwide.

Viruses out in the cold

Distributor, Aussie Telecom, has introduced a new antivirus software called Deep Freeze into the Australian market. The program completely restores the entire operating system to its original state after rebooting and removing all system changes. Developed by US-based Faronics, Aussie Telecom will sell the program directly into the education market but has appointed a small team of resellers to take it to corporate and government customers. Deep Freeze is available in three formats — standard, professional and enterprise – and is priced at $16.28 for 100-249 desktops. A spokesperson for Aussie Telecom said the product would also be popular with training centres and Internet cafes.

Office 2003 beta on track

Microsoft claims it is on track to release its refresh of Office 2003 beta 2 to testers before the end of the month. Announced in April, the refresh is meant to deal with bugs that testers found in what Microsoft has called its largest beta test for Office ever. Office 2003 beta 2 was announced in early March. About 600,000 copies of the software have been distributed and Microsoft has said it received double the amount of feedback it normally gets on an Office beta. The refresh will be delivered online, not on CDs. The size of the files is unclear.

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