The Tech Pac sale - What they said

The Tech Pac sale - What they said

ARN talked to leading channel identities about the Tech Pac takeover. This is what they had to say.

Geoff MacCue, CEO, Lynx Financial Systems: “Lynx is not too concerned about the sale of Tech Pacific. I think there will be more exposure to products, and the expansion of Tech Pacific could result in this exposure. As Long as Tech Pacific stands by its word, then there should be no real changes.”

Robert Ranieri, Director, Express Office Systems: “We spend a great deal of money with Tech Pacific, and have had discussions with them regarding the sale, and Tech Pacific has assured us nothing will change and it will be business as usual.”

“Tech Pacific has been a very honest company with us, and they have a massive turnover, so prices and competitiveness should remain the same.”

“From my understanding, and assurance from Tech Pacific, nothing will change.”

Gopi Murthy, Purchasing Officer, Logica: “The sale should be better for Logica because the market is so competitive, and Tech Pacific has always been competitive when compared to other distributors.”

“If Tech Pacific has the injection of funds to become stronger with cash flow, then the sale can only be a benefit to resellers.”

Peter Phillis, Business Manager, Advanced Computer Services: “We will have to wait and see if there are any changes to policies under the new Tech Pacific system.”

“There may be concerns that a multinational partner with money to invest could begin to control, but Tech Pacific has been great under Kerry Baillie, and we have full trust in them.”

“From Tech Pacific’s position, it has to keep shareholders and stakeholders happy in this competitive industry.”

Peter Masters – Express Data National Marketing Manager:“The fact that Tech Pac is around for the long haul means more certainty in the channel.

There’s been a fair bit of uncertainty in the channel.”

“Over the past two years, a lot of adventurism has gone from the market.”

Greg Newham – General Manager, Alstom IT Distribution: “All it’s going to do is give those guys some certainty. They’ve made some big changes in the way they do business over the past six to eight months, and resurrected a lot of the ground they’d lost.”

Danny Moore – memory distributor Simms International: “The fact that they’re giving 10 per cent equity to the current managers is a good idea.

On hands-off promise by new investors: “I tend to believe what they say. The business is going too well for them to change it. Kerry’s turned it around in the last year and a bit.”

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