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One of Australia's Largest Supply Chain Management Companies Selects Panaseer

  • 08 December, 2003 13:55

<p>Sydney, 8 December 2003....Panaseer announced today that the K&amp;S Group has awarded the company a two year contract valued at over $500,000 per annum.</p>
<p>The renewal contract cements a relationship with the K&amp;S Group that dates back to early 1998. The K&amp;S Group of companies comprises four operating divisions from Freight, through to Integrated Distribution, Transport and Agencies.</p>
<p>Mr Brian Wharton, IT Manager for the K&amp;S Group said, "Our company has been provisioning integrated transport, warehouse management and logistics for Australian industry for 55 years. We are now seen as a leader in supply chain transport solutions."</p>
<p>He added, "So it goes without saying that our network is mission critical in nature. We deal in real time service delivery and that means it is imperative that we have visibility of goods and transport from order through to receipt."</p>
<p>Speaking on the announcement, Mr Noel Robertson, Managing Director, Panaseer said, "We are pleased to be continuing our partnership with the K&amp;S Group. We strive to meet and exceed our customers expectations with network solutions that deliver on both quality and price competitiveness."</p>
<p>Mr Robertson added, "Our ability to fulfil K&amp;S Group's diverse needs has seen Panaseer implement one of the most comprehensive range of products and services available to our customer base."</p>
<p>The contract covers an array of application gateways, enabling the integration of PBX and key systems to facilitate an advanced private telephony network; a dial-in Intranet facility; and transparent inter LAN connectivity between all offices; ATM switching services and network access technologies such as, Fibre and DSL. Network security has also been improved, with the addition of redundancy and disaster recovery facilities.</p>
<p>Mr Wharton said, "Through the review and optimisation of the network we have been able to realise savings of over $140,000 per annum in telecommunications costs. The new network has lead to higher productivity levels along with greater network availability."</p>
<p>Mr Wharton commented, "Through using Panaseer to manage our network we are able to focus our IT efforts on providing client based services."</p>
<p>He added, "Panaseer has responded to our ever changing environment and without compromising on quality of service or the development of new applications."</p>
<p>About Panaseer
Panaseer is Australia's leading provider of managed outsourced telecommunications solutions. The company provides tailored outsourced networks that simplify communication complexities. The company's corporate customers enjoy the benefits of VPNs, for voice and data, video, and online applications. Delivering real value and cost savings.</p>
<p>Panaseer's team is passionately focused on delivering these customised telecommunications solutions that are driven by service level guarantees and the company's 100 man-years of expertise.</p>
<p>The company bring efficiencies that reduce customer's capital expenditure, and lower their operational costs, giving them a competitive advantage in their business. Panaseer's solutions are developed to suit our customer's applications, locations and budget, with a fully integrated national network that delivers assured service levels 24/7.</p>
<p>About K&amp;S Group
With our head office located in Mt Gambier, the K&amp;S Group has been providing transport, warehousing and logistics support to Australian Industry for more than 55 years. In that time our expanded capabilities and our willingness to adapt our operations to meet the unique needs of Australian business, means that we are a leading supplier of supply chain solutions in Australia.</p>
<p>Recognised as a true multi modal provider and maintaining an outstanding facility and resource base, K&amp;S controls one of the largest company owned fleets in Australia, over 90,000 sq m of warehousing and a large range of rail and sea containers.</p>
<p>Our range of services is provided through four operating divisions
K&amp;S Freighters Road, rail and coastal sea forwarding in support of full and break-bulk loads.</p>
<p>K&amp;S Integrated Distribution
Warehousing, storage and local distribution</p>
<p>K&amp;S Agencies
Provision of Ampol fuel distribution throughout the South East of South Australia and South West Victoria</p>
<p>K&amp;S (NZ) Limited
Provision of full truckload and break bulk distribution throughout New Zealand including specific support to Fletcher Challenge Forests</p>
<p>Each of these operating divisions is strategically placed to service its own specialised market. The divisions can also combine under a seamless structure to provide total supply chain solutions, including information and IT based logistics solutions.</p>
<p>Our flexibility and our ability to adapt our divisional structure to meet market imperatives, has also allowed us to create specific client based structures that provide dedicated support to key customers.</p>
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