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VeriSign Australia secures Australian Customs Service’s new Integrated Cargo System

  • 12 September, 2003 09:42

<p>Please see below a media release announcing VeriSign Australia will provide Online authentication for the Australian Customs Service (Customs), to ensure secure communication between Customs and its customers for the new Integrated Cargo System (ICS).</p>
<p>A part of Customs’ Cargo re-engineering project, the ICS will provide Customs’ systems with an open communication environment to make client communication more efficient and timely. Trusted security measures are crucial in this environment, particularly in light of increasing cases of online identity theft/fraud in Australia. VeriSign Australia’s managed public key infrastructure (PKI) service, accredited under the Commonwealth’s Gatekeeper strategy for online communications with government, will ensure the environment is secure.</p>
<p>Both Nicole Cottrell, Director of CMR Communication &amp;Training at the Australian Customs Service (02 6275 6111) and Gregg Rowley, MD of VeriSign Australia (0407 299 712) are available for interview.</p>
<p>Sydney, 12 September, 2003 – VeriSign Australia today announced it has been given the go ahead by Australian Customs Service (Customs) to accept and process enrolments for Gatekeeper digital certificates. This will secure communications between Customs and its clients (importers, exporters and their agents) for the new online import/export Integrated Cargo System (ICS) associated with its Cargo Management Re-engineering (CMR) project. This follows the announcement in March that VeriSign Australia was the first certification authority endorsed by Customs for its purposes in this area.</p>
<p>Due to be completed mid-next year, the ICS will replace existing Customs systems that operate through a closed communication environment. It will enable the transfer of import and export cargo information between Customs and its clients throughout Australia through an open communications network, using Internet protocols. This will provide a number of options for communicating with Customs and will modernise the reporting of goods moving in and out of Australia.</p>
<p>“The new ICS will make communicating with our clients more efficient and timely by using a more versatile and widely available environment. However, we need to provide our clients with a trusted environment in which to communicate with us,” said Nicole Cottrell, Director of CMR Communication and Training for Customs.</p>
<p>Through its Regional Operations Centre in Melbourne, VeriSign Australia will provide Customs with a managed public key infrastructure (PKI) service accredited under the Commonwealth’s Gatekeeper strategy for online communications with government. This involves customised Certificate Authority (CA) services for issuing and managing VeriSign’s Gatekeeper digital certificates, including individual, non-individual, device and ABN Digital Signing Certificates (ABN-DSCs). These certificates will enable information to be signed and encrypted, ensuring the authenticity of the sender and confidentiality of data.</p>
<p>“One of the biggest benefits, in terms of authentication, is our ability to take advantage of the accredited process for administration of the Gatekeeper certificates, with VeriSign Australia managing the service. In addition to adding to the integrity of our systems, it removes the need for Customs to provide in-house certification services. Digital certificates give our Australia-based clients the option of communicating with us at any time from around the country or even across the globe,” said Ms Cottrell.</p>
<p>VeriSign’s Managed PKI is a managed solution that is fast and easy to deploy. Customs and its clients do not require additional hardware, software or network security expertise to get up and running, offering a viable, cost-effective option.</p>
<p>“In a market where online fraud and threats continue to increase each day, issues of security, trust and integrity are a necessity – companies must take a more proactive approach to protecting their data and online identities, as well as find ways to enable future business growth online in a highly secure way,” said Gregg Rowley, managing director for VeriSign Australia. “Our secure managed solutions provide users with the confidence of knowing that correspondence will remain secure, without interruptions by third parties.”</p>
<p>“Customs and its clients will be able to easily acquire and use VeriSign’s Gatekeeper digital certificates to authenticate and encrypt communications, making secure messaging easy to deploy, manage and use,” he concluded.</p>
<p>About VeriSign Australia Limited (
VeriSign Australia (formerly eSign Australia Limited) was established in July 1999 to provide Internet trust services to Australian government, business, websites and individuals. Its suite of services includes managed security, domain name, authentication, online payment, wireless and validation services, enabling it to serve as a gateway for government or any business wishing to establish or grow its online identity and Web presence.</p>
<p>About VeriSign
VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN) is the leading provider of digital trust services that enable everyone, everywhere to engage in commerce and communications with confidence. VeriSign's digital trust services create a trusted environment through four core offerings -- Web presence services, security services, payment services, and telecommunications services -- powered by a global infrastructure that manages more than seven billion network connections and transactions a day. Additional news and information about the company is available at</p>
<p>For further information please contact:</p>
<p>VeriSign Australia Australian Customs Service
Gregg Rowley Nicole Cottrell
Managing Director Director of CMR Communication &amp;Training
Tel: 02 9236 0509 or 0407 299712 Tel: 02 6275 6111
Email: Email:</p>

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