Microbits gives away PC Stress Kit

Microbits gives away PC Stress Kit

Adelaide-based reseller, Microbits, is giving away $360 worth of e-learning software designed to help users make the most of Microsoft software.

The Microbits PC Stress Relief pack is made up of eight training courses developed by US e-learning software vendor, Thomson NETg. The courses include more than 15 hours of structured tuition and cover the following subjects: Microsoft Word for advanced document design and management; Microsoft Excel for performing complex number-based calculations; and Microsoft PowerPoint for creative compelling visual presentations.

The software comes loaded on all Microbits whiteboxes, which range from Intel hyperthreading to Celeron CPU powered PCs.

Managing director of educational specialist Microbits, Max Mentiplay, said the PC Stress Relief pack program ensured its customers got the most value from their investment in a computer and minimised the stress associated with learning new software and PC features.

“Even once people are familiar with a computer, they tend to only use very little of its facilities because they don’t know what it can do,"

Mentiplay said. "Our PC Stress Relief pack is intended to overcome that problem through a simple, structured training program that can lead people to discover how much their computer’s software can help them.”

“The real beauty is that these e-learning courses are loaded on the hard drive of the computer, so users can do the training programs in the privacy of their own home, when it suits them, taking the stress and pressure out of the learning process.”

Jointly funded by Thomson Netg and Microbits, the promotion started at the beginning of the month and will run until the end of the year.

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