Lindows Linux runs from a CD

Lindows Linux runs from a CD is shipping a version of its Linux-based operating system that can be run directly from a CD-ROM drive without having to install it on a computer's hard drive, thus simplifying its use.

The product, called LindowsCD, has "many" of the features of LindowsOS 4.0, such as hardware detection, plug and play support and support for various multimedia formats and technologies, the San Diego company said.

LindowsCD can be run by simply inserting it into a PC's CD-ROM drive and restarting the machine. It makes no changes to the PC's hard drive, so to revert back to the PC's original configuration, all a user needs to do is remove LindowsCD from the CD-ROM drive and restart the machine, according to

In addition to the operating system, the CD also has other software, such as programs that allowed users to open files created with Microsoft applications like Word, PowerPoint and Excel, said.

LindowsCD is free with the purchase of LindowsOS 4.0 at It can also be bought separately for $US29.95 at

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