Fuzion weaving Web spells

Fuzion weaving Web spells

Queensland-based Web specialist, Fuzion, has launched a new product to simplify Web site creation and management in the SME market. Managing director, Stuart Mullins, claimed its new Sitewizard would enable users to build a Web site in less than 20 minutes.

“Not only can you build a site quickly but you can incorporate a range of some of the most advanced Internet technologies and services available,” he said.

Fuzion operates three distinct businesses — Internet service provider (ISP) hosting access, Web building and applications development.

Mullins said the idea for Sitewizard first came to him when he noticed a lot of “redundant work” in the Web building process.

“Web building is basically writing lines of code so we set about modularising it so that lines did not have to be re-written for every customer,” he said. “This has proven to be tremendously beneficial because we can now build Web sites very quickly. A process that did take four to six weeks is now finished in less than a week.

“The economies that has given the business is significant, customers get their products faster and we can pass some of the savings on to them.”

The idea for Sitewizard became a concrete proposal when Fuzion was working on a large Brisbane City Council community development program.

“They [Brisbane City Council] wanted to develop the project so that community groups could build and manage their own Web sites,” Mullins said.

“We were a long way down that path and thought we had won the contract but they went in another direction. It was something we had been working on anyway so we decided to complete the project and Sitewizard is the result.”

Sitewizard is available from $24.95 a month and has already proven to be a hit among SoHo businesses and SMEs, such as franchise operations where a certain degree of uniformity is required. Community and sports organisations are also benefiting. Netball Australia supplies Sitewizard to its 5000 clubs.

Small Web companies can resell the product through a range of flexible partner or affiliate packages.

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