Is it time for Sun to buy Red Hat or SuSE?

Is it time for Sun to buy Red Hat or SuSE?

Tthe founder and chief executive of UK-based IT analysts Bloor Research, Peter Bloor, has speculated that Sun ought to buy a Linux company (specifically, Red Hat or SuSE Linux).

He has also suggested that Sun should start promoting Star Office more aggressively and maybe come up with a Sun PC – in other words, a PC that runs Linux, Star Office and other bundled stuff.

"If Sun could do this," Bloor said, "it would send a powerful message to the market."

Perhaps Dell (UK) would agree to bundle Star Office on its PCs, for example. Because, in Europe anyway, Star Office and its free alter-ego, Open Office, are currently doing great business - especially in Germany where market share is above 30 per cent and rising.

"Unfortunately," Bloor said, "Sun hasn't yet come to grips with Linux - although it has to be said, it now sells Linux servers at aggressive prices.

What it hasn't done is find a way to embrace Linux within its broad product strategy. This is a bullet it has to bite. How to make Linux strategic within the Sun ecosystem."

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