Useless and clueless

Useless and clueless

It appears that underpaid and overworked global business leaders have something new to worry about, especially in this part of the world.

As if concerns about projecting the right company image, stomping the competition into the floor and carefully positioning new products and services were not enough to keep therm awake, the knights in pinstriped armour have a new demon to battle — a useless and clueless workforce.

Management consultant and technology services outfit, Accenture, has conducted a global study into human performance revealing that business leaders, particularly in Australia, think workers lack critical skills and compromise their ability to compete effectively.

Interviews with 200 senior executives in the US, Europe and Australia saw four of the top five strategic priorities listed as “attracting and retaining skilled staff”, “changing organisational culture and employee attitudes”, “changing leadership and management behaviours” and “improving workforce performance”.

The only priority listed in the top echelons that wasn’t workforce related was “customer care and service”.

According to the study, 21 per cent of Australian executives said less than a quarter of their employees possess industry-leading skills and almost 70 per cent indicated that most employees do not understand the company’s mission. These were the most negative findings in all three regions.

Australia industry must have the worst workers in the world. Either that or the most miserable bosses.

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