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WA Councils Major Software Systems Go Live On Time, On Budget

  • 07 July, 2003 10:09

<p>The ratepayers of Perth’s City of Cockburn and City of Stirling will soon see the benefits of even better levels of service from their councils after the on time, on budget implementations of Technology One’s full Local Government software suite.</p>
<p>Both implementations of the full suite of Local Government software available from Technology One were achieved on time and on budget and will completely revolutionise the way both councils undertake internal procedures. The software supplied from Technology One includes financial management and accounting (Finance One), human resources (People One) and Local Government management (Proclaim One).</p>
<p>According to the City of Cockburn’s Manager of Information Services, Mr Tony Manno, the decision to upgrade their software systems last year was made to ensure the Council could provide more improved levels of service to their ratepayers.</p>
<p>“We were looking for a system that could assist us in the administration of our operations as efficiently and effectively as possible,” said Mr Manno.</p>
<p>“But we were also very careful about finding not only a software supplier, but a business partner that could grow with us over the long term.”</p>
<p>“Technology One provided the best solution for the future that was also integrated, met the specifications and had a solid track record in the Local Government sector.”</p>
<p>“The project was a team effort with City of Cockburn staff working alongside Technology One to ensure a successful implementation.”</p>
<p>According to Technology One’s CEO, Mr Adrian Di Marco, the company has recognised for many years that while you can have a great product and experienced staff, unless there are strict implementation methodologies projects can undergo serious time and budget overruns. Particularly those involving large organisation-wide implementations such as that provided for Local Government.</p>
<p>“There has been a great deal of publicity lately about unsuccessful software implementations and I think that a lot of these problems could have been averted in the initial stages of the project if the methodology was more thorough,” he said.</p>
<p>“We have a solid reputation with on time, on budget implementations and this is because of the stringent analysis done prior to the project being started, our methodologies and the proven implementation templates developed specifically for the Local Government sector.”</p>
<p>Many West Australian councils have replaced their core software systems or are in the process of analysing their current software for future requirements. The Local Government sector has very specific requirements for software, particularly with the management of rates, properties and licensing.</p>
<p>The focus of Technology One’s strategy has been to understand the councils’ individual requirements and provide them with a customised solution in order for them to gain greater efficiencies including better time management, decentralised services and lower costs.</p>
<p>Mr Di Marco said that Finance One and Proclaim One was competing with products from multinationals such as Peoplesoft, Oracle, GEAC and SAP.</p>
<p>“An ongoing benefit for councils using the Technology One products was that they are subjected to on-going intensive R&amp;D and upgraded every four to six months based on customer feedback with major releases every 18 months.</p>
<p>“This means councils can be assured they will always have a leading edge product that is not going to be out-of-date in a few years time from a company that is not vulnerable to the takeover activity currently taking place in the software industry.”</p>
<p>About Technology One
Technology One is one of Australia’s largest publicly listed software companies. Its focus is the design, development, implementation and support of powerful, enterprise wide software applications using Client Server, Internet and eBusiness technologies for the corporate and government sectors.</p>
<p>In particular, Technology One delivers totally integrated, powerful enterprise solutions developed to meet the specific requirements of vertical markets, including:</p>
<p>· Financial Management and Accounting (Finance One)
· Higher Education and Universities (Student One)
· Retail (Retail One)
· Wholesale and Distribution (Sales One)
· Human Resource Management (People One)
· Local Government (Proclaim One)</p>
<p>Technology One also provides large scale, fixed time, fixed price custom software development services through its Project Services Group to meet the exact requirements of a specific customer, using Internet, eBusiness and Client Server technologies.</p>
<p>Technology One has achieved compound profit growth of approximately 45 percent per annum since 1992. Last financial year, the company recorded a net profit before tax of $12.84 million, an increase of 12 percent on the previous year, after expensing all R&amp;D costs of $8.14 million.</p>
<p>Technology One employs approximately 300 staff in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. For further information, visit the Technology One website</p>
<p>Further information:</p>
<p>Adrian Di Marco, CEO, Technology One Ph: (07) 3377 7300
Tony Manno, City of Cockburn, Ph: (08) 9411 3545</p>

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