PC Briefs: Network Appliance, Intel, Pathway Pacific

PC Briefs: Network Appliance, Intel, Pathway Pacific

Burnie gets South Asia

Storage vendor, Network Appliance, has redrawn its regional sales territories and promoted Australia/NZ managing director, Michael Burnie, to head up the new South Asia region. As MD for South Asia, Burnie will oversee Australia, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. NetApp has carved up a large “intercontinental” region to split responsibility for its two biggest growth countries, India and China, Burnie said. China now forms part of the North Asia region, that also covers Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan. Network Appliance will shortly announce a new Australia/NZ managing director to replace Burnie.

Intel breaks the billion barrier

Chip maker Intel has announced that it shipped its billionth processor in April this year, just ahead of the 25th anniversary of the debut of its first 8086 microprocessor in June, 1978. The figure was based on combined desktop, laptop and server shipments. Mercury Research predicted the chip giant could hit the 2 billion mark “as early as 2007”. The original 16-bit 8086 chip contained only 29,000 transistors and ran at 5MHz. This compares to the Pentium 4 pro­cessor, which contains 55 million transistors and runs over 600 times faster at 3.06GHz.

Pathway Pacific offers HP3000 migration path

HP Platinum migration partner Pathway Pacific has signed a licence marketing agreement with Acucorp to offer a migration path to users of the HP3000 line. HP will stop selling full HP3000 systems in October, and will end full support by the end of 2006. Pathway will sell the AcuCobol-GT development system to users wanting to migrate HP Cobol applications to Unix, Linux or Windows. Pathway director Scott Becker said the agreement will allow a migration path for the 3000 installed base in Asia, many of whom are in manufacturing and finance. ING is one of the largest users in Australia.

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