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Jade announces V6 of its powerful OO software with free development platform

  • 02 July, 2003 16:18

<p>Sydney 2 July: Jade Software Corporation today launched JADE 6 – the newest version of its powerful object oriented software technology platform - and a radical new licensing strategy aimed at making JADE more accessible to developers.</p>
<p>JADE 6 provides developers with a free integrated development and test environment complete with full server side support for Linux.</p>
<p>When launched, JADE offered a fresh approach to programming by removing technical complexities associated with the development of large solutions. It combined a single technology, a consistent implementation of object orientation, an integrated database, a single language and a nodal architecture for distributed processing. The result has been faster developed, more affordable enterprise applications that have won global accolades, including a prestigious award from the London Financial Times for a JADE-built branch automation system.</p>
<p>“JADE has enabled highly complex problems to be easily mapped, modelled and built,” said Mike White, Director of Technology of Jade Software Corporation. “The same development environment that has been successfully used to build and deploy large, complex systems worldwide is now available, free, for all developers. We believe that with JADE they will find programming easier, delivering better results faster. Developers who try JADE love it.</p>
<p>“Our experience is that developers with OO skills can become familiar with JADE in hours and proficient in a matter of weeks, using it to build sophisticated applications,” added Mike. “They are more productive, are able to master more complexity and have more confidence in their solutions knowing they are robust, scalable and more flexible over the life of the system,” Mike said.</p>
<p>With the growing popularity of Linux, JADE 6 has introduced a server side Linux capability and the company plans to soon provide a full end-to-end Linux offering. “Linux servers are renown for their cost-effectiveness, reliability, scalability and performance,” continued Mike. “JADE 6 takes full advantage of Linux’s position as the fastest growing segment of the Internet server market by allowing users to place database server and application server functions onto the efficient Linux platform.”</p>
<p>JADE systems are totally portable across Linux Red Hat 9.0 and SuSE, Windows from Microsoft, and IBM's UNIX operating system AIX.</p>
<p>“JADE shields the developers from the complexities and differences in the underlying platforms,” he added. “The current Windows-based client is fully supported in JADE 6. A new Java-based client to be announced shortly will expand deployment options to include end-to-end Linux implementations.”</p>
<p>Coinciding with the launch of JADE 6, a development licence supporting up to 10 concurrent developers will be available free via download on registration at the Jade website, The free development platform comes with a test runtime platform. This represents a saving of more than A$6,000 for the development environment. Production systems must be licensed separately for runtime. Technical support is available through a range of support options, designed to give developers a choice in the level of technical service they require from the Jade Technical Support Centre. A JADE Enterprise Edition with extensible frameworks and a larger test platform is also available.</p>
<p>Other highlights of JADE 6 include Synchronised Database Services, HTML deployment enhancements, a Web Services Pack for improved interoperability, greater code reusability, additional Report Writer capabilities and GUI enhancements.</p>
<p>Details on other Key New Features
Synchronised Database Service
The new JADE Synchronized Database Service provides three key enterprise replication capabilities straight out-of-the-box; hot standby, for disaster recovery and reduction of backup requirements, and active secondary databases and multiple active secondaries with different roles. The active secondaries allow read-only processes to run against them. According to Mike, this is a powerful feature that allows the offloading of queries and reporting tasks from the primary online database hence improving the performance and scalability of the whole system.</p>
<p>HTML Deployment
JADE 6 provides two methods of HTML deployment: HTML Forms and HTML Documents. With HTML Forms, developers build their GUI entirely in JADE, using the JADE Painter - there's no need for them to delve into HTML. With HTML Documents, externally created pages are imported into the JADE environment and JADE automatically generates classes that model their structure.</p>
<p>Reusable Code
Significant code reuse capability is a key part of JADE 6. Driving this design goal has been Jade’s desire to assist developers grow their long term business by enabling components and code that once built can easily re-used to reduce development time and drive standards acceptance as required. New functionality in JADE will provide the ability for components to be plugged into a system without having to worry about the codes’ inheritance properties. It will also enable easier integration with competing architectures.</p>
<p>Other areas
Jade has added a host of GUI enhancements so that the look and feel of JADE applications can be more easily improved further boosting development speed.
These include: dockable controls; the ability to split GUI so that developers can work concurrently on imagery whilst others work on code; and Rich Text Control, giving JADE developers sophisticated text and formatting options. JADE 6 includes a Local Memory Transport – a performance enhancement adding 30% improvement to CPU Intensive tasks - and a number of improvements to its native Report Writer module which is also now free of charge.</p>
<p>~ ENDS ~
About JADE
JADE is an advanced software platform that has an integrated development environment, a language, an object manager and an object database. JADE 6 is a fully open technology designed to enable technicians to build, run and change transaction-based information systems for Windows and Linux. JADE 6 is available for free download from</p>
<p>About Jade Software Corporation
Established in 1978, Jade is an enterprise software company. It produces a software technology platform called JADE, provides custom development services and enterprise software solutions for healthcare, higher education, ports and shipping, supply chain HR and payroll, finance, banking and insurance sectors. A network of distributors and channel partners sells the company’s products and services to companies throughout Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America. A privately owned New Zealand company, Jade has offices in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin in New Zealand, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, Atlanta, Georgia, United States and York, United Kingdom. The company's Founder and President is Sir Gil Simpson. For more information visit</p>
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