SAP to target PeopleSoft customers

SAP to target PeopleSoft customers

Although most companies loathe uncertainty, it can provide opportunity from time to time. That’s the view of SAP AG, which sees a window of opportunity to poach customers amid uncertainty related to Oracle’s hostile bid for PeopleSoft.

If Oracle succeeds in its bid to acquire PeopleSoft, analysts warn that users could face a rough transition — a prospect that could prompt many of them to switch vendor.

Last Thursday, the German business software company launched a new advertising campaign targeting customers not only of PeopleSoft but also of J.D. Edwards, which PeopleSoft agreed to acquire.

“The campaign will carry the message that SAP can offer certainty in these uncertain times,” a spokeswoman for SAP, Laurie Doyle Kelly, said. “We want to help enterprises understand that we are a solid alternative.”

The campaign, that will begin in the US, will later be extended to “key markets” around the world, Doyle Kelly said.

To help woo customers away from PeopleSoft and J.D. Edwards, SAP plans to offer financial incentives.

“The scope of the incentives will depend on many different variables but they will be attractive — that’s for sure,” Doyle Kelly said, but declined to provide details about conditions and prices.

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