Spotwave boosts indoor wireless signals

Spotwave boosts indoor wireless signals

A suite of devices to keep wireless gadgets operating even inside office buildings notorious for spotty coverage is being shown at the CeBIT show.

Spotwave Wireless is first targeting businesses whose staffers are frequent users of cellular phones, BlackBerry handhelds, and other devices that transmit and receive voice and data signals - and who are both accustomed to and often frustrated by spotty reception when inside the office building.

Spotwave's SpotCell product suite includes a "donor unit" and "coverage unit" intended to usher a wireless signal into a building and distribute it to work areas where good reception is needed.

The devices were compatible with all current wireless phone technologies, including CDMA and GSM, and all service providers, Spotwave's vice-president of marketing, says Steve Adams, said.

Donor units are placed where they can receive a signal and then retransmit the signal to coverage units via cable. Coverage units, which distribute the signal to work areas, can cover up to 50,000 square feet, according to Spotwave.

Customers can add multiple coverage units to extend the signals to larger areas. The coverage unit can be placed as far as 245 feet away from the donor unit.

The SpotCell technology can double the typical wireless coverage area inside an office building.

The SpotCell 200 operates in the 800-MHz frequency band, and the SpotCell 210 operates in the 1900-MHz PCS frequency band, according to Spotwave.

Installation of one donor unit and one coverage unit should take less than an hour and would cost about $US3500, Adams said. It is simple enough for users to install the system themselves, according to the company.

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