Brisbane developer on a winner

Brisbane developer on a winner

Since it released its long awaited Short Email Message Service (SEMS) late last year, Brisbane-based developer Wireless International Systems (WISYS) has signed up several large customers under pilot programs and is looking for resellers to broaden its market penetration.

With funding support from both the Federal and Queensland State Governments, WISYS has spent the last four years developing the product.

The SEMS service lets users send emails from their mobile phones to any email address in the world, as well as receive messages sent from any email address directly to their mobile phone in any one of 63 countries worldwide.

Unlike other email short message services, SEMS is based on a wireless platform and no software installation or Internet connection is required.

The SEMS service is charged to the customer at a flat per message fee starting from 16c per message.

WISYS has signed up 400 external health care service providers in Queensland where SEMS is used to streamline contact between office and mobile staff, and broadcast and despatch job booking details.

The service is currently being trialled by Logan City Council, Queensland Health and Pine Rivers Shire Councils and the technology looks like it will be implemented across multiple departments.

A pilot project is also currently underway involving Public Health Services, Water and IT support. SEMS will streamline the departments’ current methods of communication and, according to WISYS managing director, Kim Sheree, offer a 50 per cent cost saving to their existing operational costs of fixed line to mobile contact, as well as improve operational efficiencies.

If the trial is successful, the developer stood to reap up to $400,000 a year from the Logan City Council contract alone, Sheree said.

Flight Centre, which is made up of 529 outlets worldwide, is also trialling the service. The trial will be completed within the next fortnight.

“The service is an efficient and cost-effective solution for mobile workers, but I think it's most invaluable application is as a tool for workers travelling abroad," Sheree said.

The developer is also making inroads into the Chinese market, where it will sell the technology as a system to Chinese carriers.

“We have just completed stage two of a commercial trial with China Mobiles supplier, Dascom, and expect to complete stage three within the next few months,” she said.

Dascom has been testing the Chinese character recognition capabilities of the technology and its integration with the Microsoft Windows Chinese version.

WISYS is currently seeking key resellers interested in marketing the SEMS service as a value-add product.

SEMS resellers required minimal training and would earn ongoing monthly rebates from messages without having to outlay any capital or search for new customers, Sheree said.

“Our strategy is to align ourselves as a distributor of wireless technology and value added services, so that our resellers can leverage business regardless of the mobile carrier of the customer," she said. "Ultimately, we endeavor to remain network, device and carrier independent.” Interested resellers should visit

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