HP scuttled Athlon64 PC in April, has plans for Sept.

HP scuttled Athlon64 PC in April, has plans for Sept.

The specifications for a PC found on HP's website this week that contained details about Advanced Micro Devices' (AMD's) forthcoming Athlon64 processor are for an outdated PC that shipped to the Korean market in April, HP has announced.

A document on HP's website that provided specifications for the Pavilion t182k with an Athlon 64 3100+ processor was discovered and posted Wednesday by several hardware enthusiast Web sites and media outlets.

"The information that was available on the HP website regarding the HP Pavilion t182k was an outdated planning document for a product released in the Korean market in April," the company said. "As we plan our product road maps, they often change many times prior to release.

The product actually launched with the AMD Athlon XP 2500+ processor and this document was not updated to reflect the change."

The document no longer appears on HP's Web site.

Despite repeated requests, HP refused to comment further about that Korean market PC. The t182k does not appear on a list of Pavilion PCs at HP's Korea Web page (, and no details are available about that particular model on HP's US website. HP also declined to provide a press release or launch information about the t182k upon request.

AMD was supposed to have launched the Athlon64 in April, but the company announced in a January press release that it would delay the launch until September.

HP said it had previously stated its support for the Athlon64 processor, but the company declined to say when it had endorsed the product.

According to the document HP had posted on its Web site, the Athlon64 will come with a model number rating of 3100+, a clock speed of 1.8GHz, and a Level 2 cache of 1M bytes.

AMD also declined to comment on anything involving the t182k or the specifications for the Athlon64, referring all queries to HP representatives.

The net effect of the leaked specifications for the Athlon64 processor and the Pavilion t182k was to confirm that HP would release an Athlon64 system. This wasn't that surprising, given HP's prior endorsement of AMD processors in both desktops and notebooks, but is a boost for AMD, principal analyst with Insight 64, Nathan Brookwood, said.

"They've introduced several small-business flavoured systems, and even some enterprise ones," he said. "It seems like there's a pretty tight relationship."

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