Resellers promised cheaper software

Resellers promised cheaper software

Software resellers are being promised cheaper prices and better access to products from around the world after Brisbane-based publisher and distributor, Manaccom, signed up as a founder member of a new global alliance.

To be known as Avanquest, the group of nine software companies will have market presence in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, France, Germany and Italy.

Avanquest claims this will give it combined access to 80 per cent of the world’s software markets.

Manaccom business affairs manager, James Mackay, said discussions were also taking place with companies in Japan, Russia and Poland. The alliance hoped to have these deals closed within three months and further extend its reach.

“On the world scene Manaccom is a pretty small player but if you take a number of companies that are around the same size in their countries and bring them together it puts a whole new weight behind our offering,” Mackay said.

“If we want to distribute a product we can now put a worldwide network on the table by using the strength of our partners to our advantage."

Avanquest claims the arrangement will be good news for software developers and vendors because it gives them a single contact point capable of translating, localising, packaging, marketing, selling and providing customer support through multiple distribution channels.

“The number of new software titles has exploded since the Internet enabled developers to reach potential customers with a relatively small investment,” Mackay said.

“But most of these new titles never reach the retail market due to cost and structural barriers. Avanquest can help developers reach a far wider base of potential customers.”

It will also be good news for the channel, according to Mackay.

“The biggest advantage for resellers is that they should get better pricing because we will be buying in volume,” he said. “They will also have a local contact no matter where the software was developed.”

For more on this story, see this week's issue of ARN.

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