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Ricoh reduces landfill by close to 500 tonnes in three years

  • 18 November, 2004 14:42

<p>Ricoh Australia reaffirms its position as the leading environmental company within Australia’s office equipment industry having now diverted around 500 tonnes of material from landfill over the last three years.</p>
<p>For the fiscal year 2003 the company recorded its highest trade waste reduction figures, recycling more than 267 tonnes of waste material - a 22 per cent increase on the previous year.</p>
<p>These latest figures have been released ahead of Ricoh’s 2004 Sustainability Report in recognition of National Recycling Week. The official report is scheduled for release later this month and is the third environmental audit for the company.</p>
<p>Ricoh is acknowledged as the worldwide environmental conservation leader within the digital office equipment industry. In Australia, Ricoh is committed to environmental conservation in all aspects of its operations. It advocates an ambitious Environment Management Program that seeks to ensure no trade waste goes to landfill. According to Neville Cooper, Quality and Environment Manager for Ricoh, achieving zero waste to landfill requires a combined effort.</p>
<p>“With specifically designed programs, we intend to work even more closely with our customers, suppliers and business partners to further develop participation in our overall environment initiatives. Taking care of the environment is every stakeholder’s responsibility and Ricoh will be leading the way with responsible recycling and real product stewardship,” he explained.</p>
<p>The Ricoh 2004 Sustainability Report will be released on November 30th. It is available at or contact the Environment Office on 1800 803 120.</p>
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<p>The World Wide Fund for Nature’s (WWF) Living Planet Report 2004 places Australia fourth behind the United Arab Emirates, US and Kuwait for having the worst ecological impact per capita. It claims to restore the balance between our consumption of natural resources and the earth’s ability to renew them, governments, industry and the public need to switch to renewable energies and promote energy efficient technologies.</p>
Since 1996, Ricoh has been pro-active in its contribution to Australia’s environmental activities having been the first company within the office automation industry to gain the ISO 14001 environmental accreditation at all direct sites across the country.</p>
<p>With green procurement initiatives now high on the agendas for all levels of government, the company is well placed to enjoy significant market growth.</p>
<p>At its corporate headquarters in Sydney, Ricoh is continuing to roll out environment initiatives that go beyond the objectives of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme of the NSW Department of Environment and Conservation.</p>
<p>While the EPR Priority Statement 2004 is only now identifying computer waste as a priority focus, Ricoh Australia has been addressing the issue for more than three years. In fact, many of its environmental programs have served as benchmarks for the industry.</p>
With a dedicated environment office, Ricoh continues to devise strategies to reduce, reuse and recycle all of its trade waste. Based on the principle of product stewardship, Ricoh’s innovative and pro-active trade waste reduction program takes responsibility for the environmental impacts of its products throughout their entire life cycle.</p>
<p>In 2002, Ricoh was the first provider to offer its customers closed loop recycling of its toner cartridges and bottles. Since its inception most of the major industry players have followed suit. Last year Ricoh diverted 16.2 tonnes of Ricoh toner container materials from landfill with a 100 per cent resource recovery rate.
more follows</p>
<p>A longstanding supporter of Ricoh's Toner Cartridge Takeback Program is the Commonwealth Bank. With some 1,246 branches and departments now participating in the program, it has diverted a total of 17,931 kilograms from landfill.</p>
<p>“We applaud Ricoh's toner recycling program initiative. The Commonwealth Bank has been an active Green Partner with Ricoh since its Toner Takeback Program was established three years ago. As part of the Bank's corporate responsibility platform, we are proud of our contribution towards reducing landfill,” comments Gary Saunders, Supplier Relationship Manager Commonwealth Bank.</p>
<p>These days Ricoh is developing a program to recycle the whole copier with a recovery rate of no less than 80 per cent. The E-Waste program is yet another first for the industry. In conjunction with its green partner, Sims Metal, Ricoh has devised a model for the collection and total recycling of its machines at the end of their life cycle.</p>
Ricoh Australia’s commitment to environmental responsibility forms part of a global strategy by the Ricoh Group to protect the planet. The R&amp;D centre in Japan strives to design the most environmentally friendly office equipment on the planet and is continuously working to reduce the environmentally sensitive substances in its machines.</p>
<p>It’s award winning Quick Start Up (QSU) technology enables machines to operate within 10 seconds from the energy saving mode. In 2003 this unique feature was estimated to have averted 15,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.</p>
<p>In addition to reducing the use of PVC covered wiring, the Ricoh Group is working with suppliers to adopt lead-free solders and reduce the use of hexavalent chromium coatings on steel plates. It is projected that these substances will be completely eliminated by October 2005.</p>
<p>Ricoh’s efforts have been recognised by a string of environmental awards. In 2003, the Ricoh Group was awarded the prestigious 19th Annual World Environment Center Gold Medal Award for international achievement in sustainable development.</p>
At a local level, Ricoh strives to be an Environmentally Conscious Office (ECO). It has a contract with VISY to recycle all its cardboard packaging, polystyrene foam and shrink-wrap and had more than 111 thousand kilograms of packaging collected during the last fiscal year.</p>
<p>Conservation of resources is also high on the list of Ricoh’s environmental priorities. Systems have been put in place to monitor and reduce paper usage and electricity consumption on a nation-wide basis.</p>
<p>Ricoh environmental enquiries: 1800 803 120</p>
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