Apple should follow Google’s lead and force 2FA on all accounts

Apple should follow Google’s lead and force 2FA on all accounts

Google is auto-enabling 2FA on all accounts and Apple should do the same.

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In honour of World Password Day, Google will automatically enable two-factor authentication for all Google account holders who have proper recovery information on their accounts (email or phone). That's fantastic news and a bold step for Google, and I hope Apple follows suit.

In May 2019, Google announced that there are some 1.5 billion users around the world, so this is no small feat. It's not known how many haven't turned on 2FA, but my guess is a lot, so this change will likely affect hundreds of millions of users.

Thus, Google is letting users opt-out if they don't want 2FA, which some will surely do. But many more will keep it on and gain an instant layer of protection for their personal info that they might not have added otherwise.

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