Microsoft Germany Withdraws Money99

Microsoft Germany Withdraws Money99

Microsoft has decided to stop delivering to German retail stores its personal finance software, Money99, until it has cleared up problems the German version is having with euro conversions.

For customers who already have the Money99 program, Microsoft GmbH will distribute free CD-ROMs with the revised version in April, according to Ingo Gerster, product planner at Microsoft in Munich. Meanwhile, users can also download patches over the Internet, which will be made available step-by-step on Microsoft's Web site at

Along with Money99, Microsoft has also stopped deliveries of Money99Plus and Money99Plus Update.

Microsoft has met a storm of protest from German customers since the program's release at the beginning of the year. The personal finance program has not only had difficulties carrying out correct conversions of European currencies into euros, but also had problems gaining access to German banks for online banking. [See "Microsoft Fixing Euro Bug in Money99," Jan.18.] The online banking problem partly relates to the fact that German banks have had to adjust their bank servers and Web pages to the euro, Gerster said. The problem does not affect Austria or Switzerland, he said, and Money99 will continue to be sold there as is.

Money99 customers who want to exchange their program for the updated version available in April can order it over the Internet starting in February.

Users of the French version of Money99 also have complained about euro conversions. It is not clear whether Microsoft has been able to fix these problems as well.

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