Partner Spotlight: Queensland’s TechPath

Partner Spotlight: Queensland’s TechPath

The MD of the Queensland-based MSP shares how he kicked off his business at 17.

Troy Adams (TechPath)

Troy Adams (TechPath)

Credit: TechPath

Selling himself short

This change was particularly prominent within the MSP’s sales team, which Adams said required a restructure — something he claims is “the biggest change we’ve undertaken in a long time”. 

“What we've done is put a massive focus on account management. Everyone used to have the title of BDM [business development manager], and they'd run a mixed role of business development and account management,” he explained.  

“What we've done is split those roles completely and the account managers are now measured on customer success, not on revenue.  

At the start of 2020, the business had only one BDM, then went from three BDMs to three account managers and one BDM. This year, the focus is back on growing that BDM presence back up. 

In fact, hanging on to the business’ sales team as its leader was one of the only things Adams wishes he had done differently while at the helm of TechPath, as he claims he held onto the role for too long.  

“You make decisions based on cost, and sometimes it's like, 'If I get a sales manager, it's going to be a lot of money.' I probably held on maybe a year or two too long there,” he said. 

Walking into a new day

Aside from that, Adams is happy with how TechPath has turned out. 

“We've done pretty well with ag[riculture], mostly in beef and also manufacturing, warehouse distribution and mining services, and also professional services like accounting and financial planners,” Adams said.  

“It's a small world. You get one client in the beef industry, and next second, they're talking to their friends or one of the staff members leave and go, 'You've got to use TechPath! They're awesome!' So, you get another one.” 

TechPath’s typical focus is businesses with workforces between 30 to 100, but recently has been working with larger businesses that have their own internal IT teams. 

“It is amazing the results that can be produced if you start running the internal IT team more like an MSP," Adams said. 

As for how the MSP will move forward, its one-year plan is to focus on growing its local base in Brisbane, and then have presences in other capital cities in three years’ time — but will still “primarily” be a Brisbane-based business, Adams claimed.

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