Hitting the Market

Hitting the Market


Dreamweaver UltraDev Macromedia has launched Dreamweaver UltraDev, authoring software that allows developers, programmers and designers to visually create and edit data-driven Web applications on multiple server platforms.

According to the company, the product provides specific functionality for building applications, whilst also providing all the features of Dreamweaver 3.

Dreamweaver UltraDev takes advantage of the Roundtrip HTML, Roundtrip XML and Roundtrip Server Markup found in Dreamweaver to preserve the integrity of the application source code so developers can increase their productivity with visual authoring, yet retain total control.

Using Dreamweaver UltraDev, e-businesses can accelerate delivery of projects ranging from dynamically generated pages and forms to enterprise class solutions such as e-commerce stores, inventory management systems and database applications for intranets.

The program generates applications that take advantage of Microsoft Active Server Pages, Sun Microsystems' JavaServer Pages and Allaire ColdFusion Markup Lanaguage technologies to connect to industry standard servers.

The Live Data Preview option enables users to preview Web applications with live, editable data within the authoring environment.

Dreamweaver UltraDev will be available in June for both Macintosh and Windows platforms and has an estimated retail price of $1095. Registered Dreamweaver 3 customers can purchase Dreamweaver UltraDev for a special price of $559.

As Dreamweaver UltraDev replaces Macromedia's Drumbeat product, customers who purchased Drumbeat after April 5 this year are entitled to a free upgrade, while regular registered Drumbeat customers can upgrade for $199.

Macromedia Generator 2

At the same time, Macromedia has released Macromedia Generator 2, which comes in both an enterprise edition and a developer edition.

The product combines the visual qualities of Macromedia Flash and other standard graphics formats with sophisticated personalisation, e-commerce and database back-end systems.

Once the look and feel is designed in Flash 4, Generator 2 populates the content with real-time information from enterprise databases, application servers and content management systems and delivers it to the Web site user.

While the Developer edition is the solution for automatically updating Macromedia Flash sites, the enterprise edition is a production solution that can be integrated with personalisation engines such as Macromedia LikeMinds or application servers from providers including Vignette and BroadVision.

According to the company, the enterprise edition uses multi-level caching to provide peak performance reliability and scalability.

Macromedia Generator 2 enterprise edition will be available in June, starting at approximately $55,000 including support and maintenance, and depending on configuration. It is available for Windows NT/2000, Sun Solaris and Red Hat Linux platforms.

Also available in June, the developer edition is priced at $1995 per server, and runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Sun Solaris and Red Hat Linux platforms.

Call Macromedia on (03) 9853 0900 for information on the enterprise edition and Firmware Design on (02) 4721 7211 for the Developer edition.www.macromedia.comInprise/BorlandJDataStore One of two new products announced which supports Java technology is JDataStore, a Java platform solution including mobile computing, Internet applications, Web servers and application servers.

JDataStore can function as a server or be embedded into client-side or remote applications with top performance and virtually no administration, according to the company.

The product allows developers to write code once, with a much faster time, and allows applications to run on any system with JDK 1.1.8 or a Java Virtual Machine.

Other key features include object relational storage, Pure Java Database Connectivity with JDBC 2.0 local and remote Type 4 drivers, JavaBean components that allow direct access to JDataStore and lightweight replication and synchronisation technology.

JDataStore 3.5 deployment licence is available in two versions: Per Seat, which is priced at $176 for one user; and Per Server, which is priced at $4400.

JBuilder Handheld Express

Inprise/Borland's other new product is JBuilder Handheld Express, an extension for the mobile market of JBuilder 3.5.

According to the company, the product enables users to quickly develop Java applications using the Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) software development kit (SDK).

It also purports to provide wizards that guide developers through the process of developing and deploying Java-based applications for consumer mobile devices using the Palm OS platform.

The product is based on the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC), a Java runtime and virtual machine highly optimised for consumer and embedded devices such as mobile phones, pagers and personal digital assistants.

The preview JBuilder software can be downloaded free from, or from local Inprise/ Borland offices, distributors and representatives.

Inprise/Borland: 1800 632 266

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