ARN Spotlight On: Calibre One in the Northern Territory

ARN Spotlight On: Calibre One in the Northern Territory

The Northern Territory branch of the IT services provider shares its history from a Top End perspective

Darren Gore (Calibre One)

Darren Gore (Calibre One)

Credit: Calibre One

After all that’s said and done, Gore chalks the provider’s success up to being a partner that, for better or for worse, doesn’t sit on the same products and solutions from the same vendors. 

He sees this, he claims, when he goes to customers when giving quotes and notices the “exact same” blueprints with technology he believes hasn’t been innovative for some time. 

“Sometimes I look at that and I say, 'It must be nice,’ because in some ways you have a very predictable vendor, hardware set, management set, which means in many ways you're not having to reinvest money into research and development and engineering time where you are pivoting and going through the innovation of new products and services,” he said. 

"On the flip side of that, there's a fine line because you can't, and you don't, want to be that partner who gets left behind — when you still find yourself selling a Windows NT server, and now you're in the cloud.  

“You can become a lot more profitable in terms of that, but there is that point where you can get caught out and find yourself basically irrelevant in marketplace and people leaving you because of it.  

“We're the partner that maybe it's not necessarily bleeding edge, but we certainly sit on the side of making sure that we remain relevant, and that we're pivoting and changing and innovating within the products and solutions that we deliver as part of our standard stack to customers.” 

While this comes with the cost of investing into research and development and the losses associated with going too hard into the wrong technologies, Gore still believes he’s placing himself in the best possible position. 

“Ultimately, hopefully, it means that we continue to remain relevant in market, and remain relevant to our customers.  

"Longer term, this sees us basically delivering great services to customers, remaining relevant in the market and hopefully remaining profitable." 

The merger brought with it a whole lot of change and in the end, Gore’s pleased with how the newer Calibre One has turned out. 

“The path we've made is the path we've made, and I'm pretty happy overall that we've made it through,” he said.  

“There are always those little things along the way where you think, 'Maybe I could have done that a little bit better,' but those are the things that you learn from. 

The opportunities that are given to you — hopefully you make the better and the right choices when they come up, and they will come up, again into the future.”

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