Wine portal goes Direct for small Web transactions

Wine portal goes Direct for small Web transactions

Melbourne-based e-commerce service provider DirectOne has won a deal to provide its secure credit card payments solution to new wine sales portal

Under the deal, a number of wineries will be able to make very small online sales from a central Web site and then have the remittance deposited directly to the bank account of their choice with minimum transaction fees. The company claims the DirectOne gateway system has broad implications across the whole gamut of e-business operators offering online transactions and delivers a great opportunity for developers to get into the secure online payments side of Web sites.

According to Richard Mann, DirectOne's product manager, the "real time" payment gateway is all about giving small businesses the opportunity to get secure online payment without having to make the hardware and software investments.

"In the past, the nature of secure payments has been that it is not worthwhile for a merchant to sell $5 products over the Internet," Mann said of the minimum fees charged by most of the current payment gateway options.

DirectOne has developed what it is coining as a multi-merchant system (MMS) which represents "the technology behind a vertical portal. It consists of a shopping cart linked to a database and has the function of a virtual shopping mall," Mann said.

Mann insists all Web developers should be interested in the simplicity and revenue possibilities presented by DirectOne's MMS system. For their efforts in reselling the service there is a 20 per cent margin on the initial sale and all ongoing fees which can be purchased in monthly, annual or biannual instalments.

No transaction fees are payable to DirectOne's resellers, but Mann said the simple and quick method of introducing real time, online payments for merchants is an advantageous value add for developers to offer.

"It doesn't matter if they [resellers] are developing a very complex shopping cart or one for just one product, they can make the Web site into a real time payment gateway in less than 24 hours," Mann said. "The average installation time is half an hour, including testing. As everyone gets into introducing payment gateways into their Web sites, this is an easy way for them [Web developers] to get a piece of the action."Mann said there are real benefits for end-user merchants in the ability for them to simply and regularly "upload products and prices" to their Web sites whenever and wherever required. Meanwhile, buyers are offered a one-click shopping experience to complete their transactions.

Mann claims he knows of no other solution anywhere in the world whereby merchants can make very small sales over the Net without being lumbered with the individual transaction fees.

DirectOne's secure transaction service is hosted on fully firewalled, high-availability Unix servers and uses secure digital certificates to authenticate users and merchants. "It offers the maximum level of browser-based security for all customers," Mann

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