Resellers hit warranty trail

Resellers hit warranty trail

Clouds of anger have continued to brew amoungst resellers concerned about who will honour warranties from the now defunct Edge Technology.

The good news is that all the manufacturers contacted by ARN, including Philips, Maxtor, Epson, Intel, Samsung, Brother and 3Com guaranteed that warranty on units or components will be honoured.

"Obviously we prefer our products to come back through the channel," said Maxtor director Phillip Adams, "but if someone can't locate that channel there is a safety net they can rely on."This doesn't mean the process won't be complicated. In many cases resellers will have to ring service centres overseas and cover the freight costs accordingly.

The real problems, however, lie with the unidentifiable products to which Edge attached its KTX label and warranty. According to Sean McDonough, marketing manager of Edge competitor Compucon, it is basically impossible for people to find out which manufacturer these products come from, therefore the warranty is worth nothing. "In cases like this they will just have to foot the bill themselves by purchasing another piece to replace the faulty one," says McDonough.

Another complication exists with systems built using components from several different manufacturers. Providing that the faulty part has an existing brand name, the reseller will be able to get service on that part. That is after they have figured out which part is faulty.

Warranty check

McDonough says the way for retailers to avoid this kind of thing in the long run is to check where the security for their warranty is coming from. "We use an independent, third-party warranty called Cover-It which is insured by MMI.

In the event that Compucon, or even Cover-It, experienced difficulties, all warranties would be secure. Companies like Cover-It don't offer security to companies that aren't sound," he says. "This is the kind of thing that resellers should concern themselves with - for their own good."Philips terminated its relationship with Edge in November last year when the storage products they were distributing to Singapore through Edge were discontinued. These products are under a one-year global warranty and they will all be honoured as usual through Philips' service centres nationally. has a "no-quibble" warranty policy on all its products as a safety net for situations exactly like this one. Resellers are advised to contact the Singapore warranty department directly via e-mail at

Epson distributed its printers direct through Edge until May this year.

Warranties on Epson products are dealt with directly between the end user and Epson and will be honoured as usual through its service dealt through Edge as an OEM customer and does not provide warrantee on these PCs. In all their dealings, warranty is provided by the OEMs, which in this case would be Edge. Customers should contact the brand representative for their PC.www.amd.comIntel will continue to honour any legitimate claim for service under warranty.

It's "business as usual", according to an Intel will honour all warranties. Contact the product support centre on (02) 9887 4344.

3Com didn't sell directly to Edge but will honour warranties on all 3Com products through its partner services. Contact 1800 502 103 or e-mail

Samsung Electronics will honour all warranties on colour monitors distributed through Edge but this should not be confused with Samsung Australia. According to Samsung Electronics' marketing manager Joseph Rau: "The most important thing is that the customer is looked after and as far as any of the Samsung Electronics products are concerned that will always be the case." Samsung Australia, Mitsumi, Honeywell, Daewoo, and Linksys were unavailable for comment.

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