Sony says DSC-P1 has possible power fault

Sony says DSC-P1 has possible power fault

Sony has begun offering free check-ups and repairs, where applicable, to owners of its DSC-P1 digital still camera after the company received a number of complaints regarding the battery life of the camera.

The company began receiving complaints in late 2001 regarding short or inconsistent battery life and they have continued to come in as the cameras have gotten steadily older, said Mami Imada, a spokeswoman for Sony in Tokyo. She added the action does not amount to a recall by the company.

Accumulated corrosion at the connector between the AC adapter and camera or use in extreme conditions were offered by Sony as two possible reasons for the problem in a statement posted on the company's Web site.

Owners of the camera who believe they are experiencing the problem are being offered the chance to have their camera, battery and AC adapter checked out for free by Sony. The company said the offer, which is good until April 2004, also includes the repair or improvement of the camera should it warrant.

The Tokyo-based company sold the DSC-P1 in Japan between October 2000 and September 2001 and in other regions around the world during a broadly similar time period. The offer of free check-up and repair is good in any country where the camera was sold, said Sony.

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