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IronPort Systems Takes the Fight Against Spam Right to the Enemy – Blocks Spam Coming Out of ISPs, Combats ‘Zombie’ Issue

  • 17 November, 2004 10:22

<p>Second generation of IronPort’s Reputation Filters is powered by SenderBase – the first and largest email traffic monitoring network</p>
<p>IronPort Systems(TM), the market share leader in email security, has announced the second generation of its Reputation Filters, which now allows ISPs to stop spam from originating in their networks. In an effort to thwart first generation reputation based spam filtering systems, spammers have created ‘Zombies’ or computers that have been infected with a virus and then hijacked to send spam. These Zombies are most often found in the large IP ranges of consumer broadband ISPs such as cable operators and DSL providers. IronPort’s SenderBase, the world’s first and largest email traffic monitoring network, has measured that more than 70 per cent of the world’s spam volume is originating from unwitting consumer broadband users whose PCs are infected and turned into a spam sending Zombie.</p>
<p>IronPort Systems, the inventors of reputation based defenses, has released the second generation of their Reputation Filters(TM). The second generation system uses the industries broadest set of data – analysing more than 50 different parameters from more than 50,000 participating networks. This massive quantity of data is analysed in real time and used to develop a ‘reputation score’ for any given sender on the Internet. This score is made available to the IronPort Email Security Appliances which have a unique ability to rate limit a given sender based on their score. The more suspicious a sender appears, the slower they go.</p>
<p>“The technology is sophisticated, but the concept is simple,” said Craig Taylor, Vice President of Technology at IronPort. “Some first generation systems will simply control the number of connections allowed from a given sender. Spammers easily circumvent this tactic by sending multiple messages per connection and multiple recipients per message. Only IronPort has the ability to perform true traffic shaping by limiting the message flow rate in recipients per hour.”</p>
<p>Powerful Enough to Stop Spam Before it Starts -
One the greatest challenges in fighting spam is dealing with the ever-growing flood of incoming messages. A typical enterprise user that gets 100,000 legitimate messages a day will need to accept and process more than one million incoming messages before weeding out the spam from the legitimate mail. This huge volume of incoming junk mail can saturate a T1 line and overwhelm several banks of traditional servers. IronPort’s Reputation Filters stop spam before the message is received, increasing the effective throughput of mail servers and incoming bandwidth by more than 400 per cent. This allows email administrators to handle 400 per cent more incoming mail with existing infrastructure, protecting their investment and reducing the need for more capital equipment to keep up with the growing volumes of spam.</p>
<p>The second generation of IronPort’s Reputation Filtering combines IronPort’s rate limiting capability with real time analysis of global email traffic patterns. The system is so sensitive that it allows large ISPs like Charter Communications to identify computer zombie behavior originating within their network and to rate, limit or block infected PCs that are sending spam. By blocking spam at the connection level for email receivers and also rate limiting zombies at ISPs that are sending spam, IronPort is delivering a two pronged attack on spam.</p>
<p>SenderBase: First, Biggest, Best -
The key to effective reputation filtering is having a very large, very diverse set of data to analyse email traffic patterns. IronPort Systems owns SenderBase, the world’s first and largest email traffic monitoring service. SenderBase collects data from more than 50,000 ISPs, universities and corporations around the world. SenderBase measures the global volume of mail being sent by any given sender, how long that sender has been sending, do they accept mail in return, do their DNS servers resolve properly, are they an open proxy or open relay, are users complaining about spam from their servers – more than 50 different parameters are measured for any email server on the Internet.</p>
<p>This massive database receives more than five billion queries per day, with real-time data streaming in from every continent and network providers large and small. SenderBase has the most accurate view of the sending patterns of any given mail sender because of the size of the database, and conversely the database is the world’s largest because of the accuracy of the data. IronPort licenses SenderBase data to the open-source community and other institutions that are participating in the fight against spam.</p>
<p>Rebuilding the World’s Email Infrastructure: Carrier-Grade Power, Enterprise Management Tools -
IronPort’s Email Security Appliances are in production at six of the 10 largest ISPs in the world. These ISPs rely on IronPort to be their outer layer of defense because the IronPort platform, AsyncOS, can process messages 10 times more efficiently than traditional UNIX based mail servers. Additionally, IronPort’s Reputation Filtering increases system throughput by 400 per cent and is powerful enough to stop incoming as well as outgoing spam.</p>
<p>On top of this carrier-grade platform, IronPort has developed sophisticated management tools that allow email administrators to control a global deployment. Centralised reporting, cluster management and IronPort’s unique Mail Flow Monitor and Email Security Manager makes complex administration tasks become easy. This powerful combination of performance and features is why IronPort is deployed at six of the 10 largest technology companies and five of the 10 largest media companies in the world.</p>
<p>The advanced reputation-filtering engine is available immediately for all existing IronPort customers and is an optional upgrade for new IronPort C-Series customers. More information on the IronPort C-Series email security appliances and IronPort’s SenderBase Network can be found at</p>
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<p>Notes for Editors:</p>
<p>About IronPort Systems.
IronPort Systems is the leading email security provider for organisations ranging from small businesses to the Global 2000. The company has developed a family of email security appliances, the IronPort C-Series(TM), that offer breakthrough performance, unprecedented ease of use and reduced total cost of ownership. IronPort is driving new standards and providing innovative products for those faced with the monumental task of managing, protecting and growing mission-critical email systems. For more information on IronPort products and services, visit:</p>
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