ARN Spotlight on: Western Australia's Office Solutions IT

ARN Spotlight on: Western Australia's Office Solutions IT

The Western Australian MSP shares how its growth dictated its business strategy

James Sutherland (Office Solutions IT)

James Sutherland (Office Solutions IT)

Credit: Office Solutions IT

The 'ARN Spotlight On' series explores partners operating in the local channel landscape right around the country, from Cape York to Hobart, Byron Bay to Fremantle and beyond. In this edition, we focus on Western Australia and Perth-based managed service provider (MSP) Office Solutions IT.

No matter how well a business performs, it means nothing without adequate growth. This has been a major factor for Office Solutions IT, shaping the MSP through some of its tougher times to result in the standout MSP it is today.

Setting up shop

Office Solutions IT's story begins with its founder and director of business development James Sutherland situated in Melbourne. He moved to Sydney to study, where he met a girl and “followed his heart”, as he put it, to move to Perth in 1989.

Fast forward five years later to 1996 and Office Solutions IT got started up in the back room of a house.

Its managing director, James Sutton, came into the picture in 2007 where he started as a system engineer. He was promoted to technical director in 2011 and then made his way up to the role of MD in 2014.

“We were good at talking to business owners and hearing their problems and then in a short period of time, we found clever young guys like James [Sutton], and that was the kernel that we could bring,” Sutherland said. “We could talk plain English to business owners and improve what they were doing with technologies.”

The decision to open up shop in Perth “was more luck than planning” according to the founder, but the area had what he called a “really strong entrepreneurial culture” – something that resonated within him.

This was also advantageous, as this meant there would be plenty of businesses to provide services for. Today, the MSP provides services not just in Australia but also around the world, including Denver in the US and African countries like the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Sutton says the MSP does a lot of work with not-for-profit organisations and the mining sector, the latter of which goes “hand in hand with being in Perth”.

He claims this sector is particularly exciting to work in, as businesses here “tend to explode – explode in a good way”.

“We might have a mining client and we win them at 10 people for example, and then a year later, they’re at 150 people. That growth that they go through is quite exciting to be part of that journey,” Sutton said.

There has even been, he added, cases of  businesses with 50 staff increase up to 1,000.

“You only need to win them at 50, which tends to be a little bit easier and then we can sort of scour them. It's a great story that we can sell to other mining clients,” Sutton said.

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