Arinco accesses AI to slash law firm’s processing time

Arinco accesses AI to slash law firm’s processing time

The project represents a significant breakthrough for the law firm’s superannuation and insurance practice.

Chris Padgett (Arinco)

Chris Padgett (Arinco)

Credit: Microsoft

Arinco has wrapped up a project for Maurice Blackburn Lawyers tapping into Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services to develop an artificial intelligence (AI)-infused solution.

Designed using Azure Forms Recogniser, the solution aims to accelerate business processes through automating information extraction.

The Melbourne-based Microsoft partner developed the solution themselves, designing it to cut the time needed to assess a Maurice Blackburn Lawyers client’s entitlement to a superannuation disability insurance claim from months down to the span of the client’s initial phone call.

According to Microsoft, Maurice Blackburn’s insurance claim lawyers provide a no win, no fee service to clients and, as such, it’s imperative that the initial triage of claims is fast, inexpensive and accurate.

Arinco’s solution uses Azure Cognitive Search and Services, which employs AI capabilities to help the law firm review life insurance policies and rapidly assess whether a claim has merit and should be pursued.

According to Arinco principal consultant Chris Padgett, Azure represented an ideal tool to deal with complex and lengthy policy information.

“These policy documents can be dozens, if not hundreds of pages long and dense with legal jargon,” Padgett said. “Using Forms Recogniser, we recognise content within these document files, extracting the key phrases from them as well as tabulated data, and then surface that to a business application used by the lawyer.

“Maurice Blackburn’s claims triage team don’t have to navigate their way through hundreds of pages of documentation to find these key sections and instead are presented with a  very readable, easy to navigate way to help them expedite a claim,” he added. 

According to Microsoft, Arinco has structured the solution specifically to support insurance claims triage. However, the underlying framework, with its machine learning and AI capability, could be applied across multiple industry sectors with tailored solutions spun up rapidly to meet specific requirements.

From the perspective of Maurice Blackburn general manager of digital and technology Greg Emsley, the project represents a significant breakthrough for the law firm’s superannuation and insurance practice, with the new system saving time for the client while also freeing up the lawyers who would otherwise have their time taken up with combing through insurance policy fine print.

“The solution allows us to triage new claims, assess them for eligibility and then make that insight available directly to our insurance law claims team in a matter of seconds,” he said.

“The use of artificial intelligence allows us to extract only those aspects of the policy documents pertinent to the claims process, and then correlate that to a client’s specific event to quickly and confidently identify the cover in place for them at the time.

“We are in the early stages of adoption, but the signs are that this will be very effective in reducing the time needed to serve our clients from months to minutes, and significantly improve the client experience in what can often be a traumatic period in their life,” he added.

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